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Wheel Enhancement

Database Optimization, SEO and Template Design for this retailer of Porsche accessories.  Producer/Designer: Kelley Marketing


Online databases and content management systems customized to serve your remote applications and customers - no programming knowledge necessary. All packages include QA, tech support, data input and backups, with a custom administrative interface matching your site's design.


Linux-Based Hosting Packages

Our Linux-based virtual server accounts come in three sizes to fit your needs: Starter, Standard and Developer. Additional Features may be added on an "a la acarte" basis. All accounts feature a Plesk Website Control Panel, and are backed by our 99.5% Uptime Guarantee and Personal Tech Support.



A variety of Linux-based webhosting packages to accomodate all types of websites, from one-page personal sites to large highly automated sites equipped for secure e-commerce. All packages include 24 hour tech support and comprehensive website control panel.


Games, Events & Contests

As If Productions provides Consulting, Design, Development and Production services for interactive games, events, gameshows, performances and contests featuring online participants.


Custom Design & Documentation

I've written a lot of automated webserver applications, standalone desktop applications and client-server systems for Windows and UNIX/Linux, and all of them needed documentation. I've also written rulebooks, user manuals and in-house documentation for games (both tabletop and electronic), as well as other complex projects. No matter what type of complex project you're talking about, good, precise documentation is a vital link in every step of the process.



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