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TABLOO - Table Formatting Tool

It's a Public Beta and you're invited!

TABLOO is a free interactive table design and formatting tool for RPG Designers and GameMasters.

Reveal Slideshow Demo

Check out this unique way to present text-based or graphical content. Perfect for brochures or promotional slideshows, looks great on anything from phones to desktops. Want one? Let's talk!


Website of Tod Foley

Announcing my new website! I finally broke down and purchased a vanity domain, and I'm using it to separate my writing and editorial bits from the software development and interactive studio bits. And so, without further ado: is the new site, where I'm available as always for all your writing and editing needs. I handle fiction, non-fiction, game designs, journalism and technical writing. Freelance creative gun for hire.

The astute will notice that the new site uses Wordpress. No, I'm not leaving the Drupalverse. It's because I've had a lot of WP-related gigs lately, and I wanted an excuse to play with it, so... there it is. If you're looking for writing, editing or game design, that's where you want to be. Web-based interactive development? That's still right here.


Software Development Documentation

Documentation is essential for interactive games and other complex projects.


Editing Services

I provide comprehensive editorial services for both fiction and nonfiction, with over 20 years of experience. See below for packages and rates.

Freelance Writer/Editor - Available for Your Project

Since the late 80s I've written and edited fiction and nonfiction, game rules, technical manuals, user guides, tech journalism, literary theory, game theory and entertainment reviews, with a focus on science fiction, games, and interactive media. I was Senior Editor of a nationally-distributed magazine called "PIX-Elation" in the 90s, and am currently curating and editing UbiquiCity; a science fiction anthology and system-agnostic GM's sourcebook. Looking for a freelance writer or editor? Contact me here and we'll discuss your project.



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