Games, Events & Contests

As If Productions provides Consulting, Design, Development and Production services for interactive games, events, gameshows, performances and contests featuring online participants.

Since its inception in 1991, As If Productions has created and produced interactive toys, roleplaying games, virtual worlds, CD-ROM games, contests and online gameshows for Comedy Central, Sony/Epic Records, 20th Century Fox Films, Times-Mirror Magazines, Revelations Entertainment, Walt Disney Records, Electric Communities, The WELL, and The Electronic Cafe Int'l. Our specialities include roleplaying game designs, automated character action systems and narrative control systems for virtual worlds and adventure games.

Roleplaying Games

Online Games

  • My Dealbreakers
    Online quote/player matchmaking game for the website of the same name
  • Photo Showdown
    Online celebrity photo voting game at (uses the ranked-pairs Condorcet method)
  • South Park Trivia
    Live online gameshow sponsored by Comedy Central, ran weekly for 3 seasons
  • The Mating Game
    Live online gameshow sponsored by Comedy Central, ran weekly for 2 seasons
  • The South Park Halloween Costume Contest
    Avatar contest sponsored by Comedy Central, ran annually for 4 years
  • WordProps
    Graphic online word game for TalkCity
  • ClickaSketch
    Graphic collaborative drawing game for TalkCity
  • Censor Script
    Dirty Words Chat Censor for TalkCity
  • MonsterTown Halloween
    Halloween Game, w ImaginEngine
  • MonsterTown Winterfest
    Giftgiving Game, w ImaginEngine
  • Charebus
    Consultants on design of this game by Zenda Studios
  • Alaska, Louisiana
    Online Hybrid Mystery/Game for MWG Productions
  • Conspicuous Consumption
    Online Hybrid Soap-Opera/Game for TPI/Montana Group
  • Neurostatica
    Multiplayer Adventure/Mystery
  • SpaceMaker
    Palace Design ActiveX Object, for The Palace Inc & Polaroid Inc
  • BigMouth
    Palace Wizard Macro Utility
  • gURL Palace "ChatterBots"
    Chatbots for Palace site
  • GeoPalace Room Builder
    HTML-based Room Design Utility for The Palace Inc / GeoCities
    Iptscrae Eliza - a reconfigurable Palace Chatbot

Online Environments

  • Under Suspicion
    Exploratory clue-seeking environment built in Flash and The Palace software
  • The Worlds of Comedy Central
    Combination environment based on CC's shows "Strip Mall" and "The Upright Citizen's Brigade"
  • The World of South Park
    GII-award-winning online world based on South Park, featuring art from South Park Studios
  • I Mother Earth Palace
    Abstract online chat environment for Canadian rock band I Mother Earth
  • Macy Gray's We Hours Club
    Online chat hangout for Epic recording artist Macy Gray
  • KoRn KoRner
    Online hangout for Sony recording artists KoRn
  • Romeo + Juliet Masquerade Ball
    Online environment featuring scenes from the 1996 film "Romeo + Juliet"

CD-ROM Games

  • Ocean Voyager
    Game Mechanics, Puzzle Design and Mechanical Script for this award-winning CD-ROM edutainment/adventure game published by Times-Mirror Magazines


Live Theater Games

  • Ghosts in the Machine
    Live Cyberpunk Theater Game presented at CyberArts International 1992
  • Mediatrix
    Live Science Fiction Theater Game presented for the International Interactive Communications Society, with a second presentation at the UCLA Extension/IBM Multimedia Lab in Westwood, CA
  • World of Ideas
    Live Big Business Theater Game presented for PATH (People Assisting the Homeless)
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