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Projects Tagged: 'music' | As If Productions

Projects Tagged: 'music'

Black Hole Sun - 3string version

A rough take of a 3string instrumental approach to Soundgarden's classic "Black Hole Sun".

Things That You Need

Rough sketch. Short original snippet. Needs home. Dramatic repeat/fade ending preferred.

Trysted / I Sold Ye

Rough sketch. Alternating motifs. Original. Incomplete. Unclean.

Like Tragedy, but Pointless

Rough sketch. Original snippet. An emotionless funerial procession moving in reverse, pulling the celebrant out of the ground and carrying him solemnly to his home, where he will awaken old and sickly but soon he will begin growing younger, less wise, and slowly forgetting all his skills and abilities. In distant lands, people live their lives in the other direction - that sounds backward to you and me - but no one can tell which is sadder.

Open Water - 3string version

A 3string arrangement, with vocals, of the hypnotic song by Thrice. Still rough but sounds neat with the flangy echo effect, no?

Wheel in a Wheel

Rough sketch. Original 3string song. Generic rock athem. Needs a rhythm section.


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