WordPress-to-Drupal Migration

FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS including security and scalability under heavy loads, more and more WordPress users these days are interested in migrating (or "converting") their sites over to the more powerful Drupal CMS. We applaud this decision, and we're here to help.

WordPress-to-Drupal Migrations typically involve 3 parts:
(1) Migrating the Theme (page design),
(2) Migrating the Data, and
(3) Adding/Tweaking the desired Functionality.

1. Migrating the Theme
The good news is, migrating a WordPress Theme to a Drupal Theme is really pretty simple. We can make sure that your new Drupal site will look almost exactly like your existing WP site (unless you want it to look different!)

2. Migrating the Data
WordPress-to-Drupal Data Migration is very tricky, definitely the hardest part of the job. This is due mainly to core philosophical differences between the two database schemas: Drupal is highly normalized, while WordPress is (comparitively) flat. For example, under WordPress a single table handles all posts, while under Drupal each "node" (post) is distributed across at least three tables, and often more. It's a complex conversion and it typically requires two full days.

3.Adding/Tweaking the Desired Functionality
Because Drupal is a highly modular system (with thousands of modules available), it is possible to put off certain functions for later, even to do "phased rollouts". But it is still helpful to formulate your ideas about those functions pretty early on, because they may sometimes effect the shape of the data or impact some other functionality, and it's best to plan ahead for such occurrences.

If you contact us for a WordPress-to-Drupal Conversion, here are some of the first things we'll want to know:

- What is your hosting situation?
- Are you on a Dedicated Server or VPS ?
- What are the stats on the machine? (RAM & CPUs)
- What versions of MySQL & PHP are you running?
- Do you have SSH access to the server?

Got questions of your own? Contact Us here.