UbiquiCity - Press Release

// 10 FEB 2017

Enter the Augmented Future in UbiquiCity

In UbiquiCity, the world is augmented and identity is fluid. Satellite-guided cars drive themselves. Busy drones fill the skies. Cloud-assisted bots perform once-human jobs. Appliances, vehicles, buildings, media devices, products, streetlights, roadsigns and even toilets communicate electronically, all under the watchful eye of the AI called "CitySystem". For the inhabitants of the UbiComp zones, life is sweet. But not everyone in the city is so blessed.

As If Productions has announced development on "UbiquiCity," an ambitious crossover project including both (1) a GM's Sourcebook and (2) an anthology of original short stories, set in the same world. The system-agnostic sourcebook for science fiction roleplaying games will allow gamemasters to take their players into the world of the book, pursuing their own stories in a rich and dynamic environment.

Curated by Tod Foley (creator of "DayTrippers" and "CyberSpace"), the collaboratively-designed setting weaves the imagination of ten gifted fiction writers into a multi-layered depiction of a foreseeable future, and raises questions about consciousness, reality, and what it means to be human. The anthology features short stories and prose by Niko Carcosa, Antony M Copeland, Tod Davies, Tod Foley, DeAnna Knippling, SL Koch, Shariann Lewitt, Adrian McCauley and T Reynolds. Both books are slated for release in Winter 2017.

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