Google Strongarms Mobile-Friendliness

It was bound to happen. Since mobile devices have been outselling desktops for two or three years now, it was only a matter of time before the search engines began penalizing websites that possess no mobile-friendly display method. And the first out of the gate, of course, is Google.

Starting Tuesday, Google's SE ranks will begin to favor mobile-friendly sites over non-mobile-friendly sites. If you don't have a responsive grid or alternate CSS handlers in place for smaller devices, you're gonna start dropping rank. Better get moving.

You're not alone, btw. As many as 40% of top websites are not currently mobile friendly. Including this one!

Here is a link to Google's mobile-friendliness tool:

Check out your own website and see if you're ready for Mobilegeddon.

Note to Drupal Admins: Drupal has a number of modules and themes that can help you tackle this problem. You can find them here. If you have a custom theme you will need to go the CSS route. Need a hand with that? I'll be glad to give you a bid. Maybe your site will even be ready before mine!