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Fictioneers are designers, facilitators and explorers of collaborative fictional spaces, otherwise known as "Roleplaying Games" and "Storygames". is a directory of the games they play, and conversations about the things they do. come join us and share your experience.

Avatar-Based Virtual World Systems

Welcome to our obsessive gallery of Avatar Worlds. Also known as "graphical chats" and "VR" (Virtual Realities), there are a lot of these cool Avatar-Based Virtual Worlds on the net.

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What Does LVX Mean?

A Brief Excursion into Qabalistic Semiotics.


ALEPH: The Rise and Fall of a Virtual Community

The Internet is touted as a place where people of diverse types and scattered localities can come together to work, play, and socialize in the spirit of the common good, congregating in all manner of self-organizing groups often known as "virtual communities". As many Net gurus will tell you, e-mail lists present an excellent environment for the construction of such experimental communities: distribution is handled automatically, list subscription can be strictly controlled (if desired), and the asynchronous nature of the medium enables subscribers to participate at their own pace, in their own unique way.

To many people (including myself), this sort of structure represents total creative freedom, and perhaps the best environment yet designed for shared human labor and social expression. In 1993, I was a key participant in one of these working environments - a progressive hothouse of furious metaphysical speculation called - where I learned that such freedom is not without its cost.


Software for the Paranoid

Hackers and Trackers and Tags, oh my!

Hey, we're not gonna candy-coat it: CyberSpace is a dangerous place. If the hakkas don't get you, the trakkas certainly will. Didn't your momma tell you to always use protection?

The links on this page lead to resources and downloads that will help you maintain the security and stability of your machines, your data, and your personal information.

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