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Under Suspicion | As If Productions

Under Suspicion

"Under Suspicion" is a modernized remake of the French cult classic "Garde a Vue", a story full of dark secrets and psychological twists. The site was part of the marketing campaign for the motion picture of the same title, starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman, produced by Revelations Entertainment and TF1 International.

Under SuspicionThe online interpretation is moody and mysterious, full of hotspots, hidden clues, and intriguing glimpses into the lives of the characters behind the story. AIP worked closely with Freeman's company Revelations Entertainment in order to create this exploratory Flash-based environment.

Under SuspicionA key goal was to convey the subject matter and incidental details of the plot without giving away any of the major twists in the storyline, enticing viewers to "complete the experience" by seeing the film in theaters.