Your online home for everything Hollywood, the team over at Hollyscoop contracted AIP to migrate their web-and-television empire over to the Drupal platform. The new site features a unique userpoints system, fivestar ratings for all content, integration with major social networks, a huge archive of online videos, a vast complex of photo galleries for celebrity snooping, and a mobile version for gossip-on-the-go.

Migrating a massive site from a homegrown database schema is always a challenge, but it happens often enough to be considered normal around here. The trickiest aspect of this build was not the migration but the theme: exactly replicating the look and style of the original Hollyscoop site, now with Drupal goodness under the hood.

The Hollyscoop site was only the first part of a four-part migration, as the original site was pslit into four separate entities, each with similar capabilities but slight variations in theme. For more information, see EatStayDrink.com, Modamob.com and Stereotude.com.

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