DayTrippers Adventure Modules 1 & 2 Released

Vidome 123
Less Little

Hot on the tail of the core rules, the first two adventure modules for DayTrippers are now available on "Less Little" and "Vidome 123".

Less Little is an introductory module for 1-2 players. The tone is dreamlike and humorous with some mildly adult situations, and the plot is firmly guided. This module is recommended for beginning players and campaigns with a whimsical touch.

Vidome 123 is a module for 2 or more players. The tone is dark and spooky, with serious threats from inscrutable foes (both human and alien), and the plot is open-ended. This module is recommended for DayTrippers with at least one previous mission under their belt.

Both of these modules, as well as the Expanded Rules, are available for free to members of the As If Collective.