The A4izr

An unusual application of Macromedia's Flash, the A4izr ("Aphorizer") is a mesmerizing little program that creates random words of wisdom, philosophical metaphors and other poetic sputterings. Stick one on your web page or desktop, and 'get wise'!

Download Yours Today!

The A4izr is now available for webpage or desktop, in Flash SWF and Windows EXE formats.

This small applet can be mounted on any website in moments by anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML, but if you prefer to keep its wisdom to yourself, you can also download the standalone version and leave it running on your desktop for random inspiration (Windows only).

For Website Deployment: Flash .SWF Format (52k)
For Windows Desktop: Zipped .EXE Format (188k)
Webmaster Instructions: To install the A4IZR on your webpage, download the Flash version (above) and upload it to your web host. Make sure it's located in the same directory as the page you'll be calling it from. Then simply paste the following code into the body of your page, wherever you want the A4IZR to appear:

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