Palace Utilities

ThePalace was (and still is) an amazing piece of social software: a Palace site is a programmable, graphical chat room - complete with avatars, cartoon balloons, games and animations - which can be used to simlate entire virtual worlds. AIP began designing Palace sites way back in the beta days of 1996. Over the next several years we created various Palace-related gizmos & doodads, many of which eventually found their way to this page.

South Park Avatars

For "The World of South Park", we created hundreds of mixable-matchable heads, bodies and assorted props for use as "avatars" - graphic representations of chatters in the 2D virtual world. This page shows many examples, and explains how to create your own South Park avatar art.

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Eliptza Chat Bot

Eliptza is our version of the famous "ELIZA" chat bot, written in Iptscrae (the scripting language of The Palace software). Permission is granted to modify for personal use.

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Palace Icons for Windows Users

Check out these nifty Palace Icons for Windows users:

Download Palace Icons for Windows


StripDat is a publicly-accessible Script Management Utility for Palace Developers. Distributed as a web-based ActiveX control, StripDat removes those unwanted carriage-return characters from your PServer.dat file (or any other ASCII file). You may save your stripped script in PC, Mac, or UNIX flavors, allowing you to script on one platform and run your site on another.

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LogWizard is a Palace Plug-in by Catapultic Web Solutions, first created as a wizards' aide for The World of South Park, where it saw a lot of use. LogWizard keeps 'flash-saves' of your log and banlist, storing them in a text file on your hard disk for later retrieval. Great for wizards on buggy servers and those under hack attack. Available for Windows users only.

The Palace Software Manuals

AIP founder Tod Foley is the author of the original Users' Manuals, Server Manuals, Wizards Manual, Iptscrae Language Reference, Palace Presents Moderator Manual, and Online Help Documentation for The Palace graphical chat software. The Palace software is no longer supported by, but the Palace Community is still thriving. You can enter Palace Space by downloading a free copy of the Palace Client from The Palace Legacy Project.