KoRn KoRner

In mid-1997, As If Productions built KoRn KoRner for the then-unknown Sony recording artists KoRn. Working closely with the band’s singer/lyricist Jonathan Davis, the AIP team created a dark and forboding world that became one of the most popular graphical environments on the internet, and co-hosted a series of infamous internet broadcasts known as KoRn’s After School Specials (www.korntv.com).

In December 1998, KoRn KoRner received a total overhaul in honor of the band’s megaplatinum third album Follow the Leader. The grand re-opening event, featuring an online interview with the elusive Jonathan Davis, drew a record audience to the crowded site and pushed the capacity of the Palace software to its limits.

"Look at the pages that cause all this evil..."
- Jonathan Davis