The Art of Eating

Spying a lovely set of juicy pseudopods on a passing biome, the predator osmoses through turgid ethereal veils and unfurls its vibrating attractors.

This Song of Love brought to you by The Art of War

A subliminal imprint, positioned at the proper moment in the media stream, may be sufficient to trigger a specific desired behavior only in as much as the researcher's foreknowledge of the subject's emotional dynamic is detailed enough to deduce and create a subjectively-satisfying trigger mechanism.

"i want you." 
A myth is something that never happened, but is always true.
To this end, Hollywood has come to the aid of the researcher by repeatedly imprinting the vast majority of the populace with all the basic templates for predictable social behavior.

Nature may be red in tooth and claw, but being nature, it is utterly without conscience, utterly without malice. Or so say those who don't end up dinner. 
CUT TO MEDIUM-SHOT OF LANCE HERO, his strong face at once uncharacteristically struck with awe at a countenance beyond his sphere of experience, mouth slightly open, eyes moist, lip trembling for the first time in his manly life: 

CUE MUSIC: "...come on baby light my fire..."

Rotating slowly to turn its most impressive side toward the oscillating image it recognizes as its other, the biome affectionately stretches out its tentacles as an instinctive impulse, preparatory to mating behavior.
Look babe, we're gonna have to throw in at least one pair of tits or I'm not gonna be able to SELL this thing!
I... I love you too!
Who was the first to ask:
"Do you think what we're doing is wrong?"
Packaged in the form of attractive alter-egos for humans of all ages and sizes, these characters and their known dynamics are pervasive enough to serve as models for predictable behavior through analytically-attentuated states, which (as has been proven) can now be easily induced by any number of means.

"fuck me." 
"trust me." 
When the biome relaxes sufficiently for penetration, its defensive sheath retracts and its pseudopods swell with nutritious ectoplasm. It is at this moment that the predator reveals its true nature.
"It's a simple matter of logic," she said. "Most people are pretty quick to point out what role models they emulate, and that makes my job a LOT easier." 
This is the poster shot, right here babe...
Get the tear in his eye...
Once the desired morsels have been detached, the prey is released to go drifting along on its way. There is a chance this biome may survive to regrow the missing tentacles, provided it has not been wounded sufficiently for degradation of its motor capabilities to have occured.
MUSIC RISES as we CUT TO LONG SHOT OF LANCE HERO, face sunken, limbs akimbo, all hope driven from his being as he stares, numb, into empty space.