The Devil's RPG Dictionary

The Devil's RPG Dictionary was the second in my "Too Far?" series at

A tongue-in-cheek exercise designed to encourage bonding and alleviate boredom, the project is still ongoing and new submissions are always welcome. Project contributors include... oh, numerous people, some of whom you may know.

The current edition of the DRPGD can be downloaded here.

Below is reproduced the full text of the game rules, posted in August of 2014:

Here is a new game. These are the rules, and this is the gameplay thread.
"This is the time, and this is the record of the time." - Laurie Anderson

  1. A thread shall be started called "The Devil's RPG Dictionary". This is it.
  2. The general idea and Tone Of The Game is that Participants shall enter Definitions of RPG terms in the manner and style of Ambrose Bierce's original "The Devil's Dictionary". To wit --
    PERSEVERANCE, n. A lowly virtue whereby mediocrity achieves an inglorious success.

    The sole Principle Of The Game is that Participants must adhere to the Tone Of The Game.

  3. A Turn consists of a person posting a single Definition. There is no Turn Order. To be permissible as a Turn, this post must include no other content than the Definition itself.
  4. A Permissible Definition must follow the syntax of the above example, and must be placed within an HTML "blockquote" tag. This is to facilitate the work of Compilers (see below), who may then simply search through the HTML for blockquotes.
  5. All posts which aren't Turns - including technicalities - are considered to be no more than Casual Conversation. All Conversation in this game is Casual.
  6. Multiple Definitions may be entered for a single term. Whenever that happens, all interested Participants shall post their votes by quoting the Definition they prefer and adding a "+1" to that post. Additional content may follow the +1, should they care to explain themselves.
  7. Winning Definitions will be judged by voting Participants on the basis of their Brevity, Wit, Smugness, Sardonicism, Worldliness and Ironic Applicability.
  8. The submission of a Definition is considered a +1 by its own author for purposes of voting and for determining winning entries.
  9. A Participant who believes that a Definition isn't of winning caliber has two options: (a) they can submit their own Definition and try to get more +1s than the previous winner, or (b) they can get all pissy about it in Casual Conversation.
  10. In keeping with the Tone Of The Game, the most smarmishly vituperative Definitions will tend to be the winning ones. Therefore it is likely that the winning Definitions for a given term will often come from people who are the most opposed to the implications of the term itself, or who consider themselves to stand outside of the term itself. Personal experience is no qualifier here.
  11. From time to time, willing Participants may take it upon themselves to go through the thread, gathering up all the winning Definitions, arranging them in alphabetical order and compiling them into a document which they may then link to from this thread. In the case of ties, both definitions shall be considered equally viable. The first shall be referred to as "Definition 1", the second "Definition 2" etc. These volunteer Compilers have the right to add their names to the document as a byline (e.g. "Compiled by Jocko Homo"). No other credits may be included in the document, except for a blanket creative credit to "The Community".

Let the definitions begin.

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