Nonfiction Books by Tod Foley

Web Page Wizardry: Wiring Your Site for Sound and Action
by Dick Oliver, Tod Foley, et al. This technical guide described methods for utilizing the newly-evolving media formats for the web, allowing developers to include multimedia, animations, sound, interactivity, and VRML in their web pages. Paperback, 411 pages, published May 1996 by Sams.

Tricks of the Internet Gurus
by Philip Baczewski, Tod Foley, Kevin W. Mullet and Billy Barron.
In 1994, this was the first book on the market to focuses on specific tips and techniques allowing the reader to more effectively use the resources of the Internet. The book features a series of interviews with Internet luminaries written by Tod Foley. Paperback, 809 pages, published January 1994 by Sams.