Real Life

A poppy little rocker about the realities of growing up and growing down. Written, performed and mixed by Tod Foley.


I'm coming up on a dragon's head
I'm talking back like some white duke's nephew on dawn patrol
I can't see the power yet but I know what I know

I see the seething in civil eyes
I feel a need to remove defenses and hold the stone
I can't conceive the power yet but I know...

That this is the real life
This is the time and the space of it
Yeah this is the real life
The meaning is right on the face of it
Said this is it
Hope this is it

I met the king of the seven worlds
I met the queen of the lonely crossroads and called her name
I can't see it changing yet but this isn't the same

I fed the moon for a dozen years
I lived and died and I feel the loss each and every day
I need my change I've arranged another hell to pay

So this is the real life
A current affair and a credit line
Yeah this is the real life
The cut of my hair and the size of my
Said this is it
God is this it?

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