Internet Success Story

Inspired by the death-throes of the music industry as we know it, this song explores the hopes and fears of the digital artist in the age of plug-in media content. Running Time: 3 min 22 sec. Instrumentation: Ovation Acoustic Guitars, Shure Microphones, and way too much reverb. Written, performed and digitally mixed by Tod Foley.

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Internet Success Story

set up on my new street corner
where i sell my ass for nearly fuckin free
but i'm slaving for a cooler master now
just click here to download me
just click here to download me
don't you think that i should be
internet success story

the fatted asses sniff my packets
this network lacks in self esteem
but i'm clicking only pretty buttons now
and i'm hacking my biography
i'm hacking my biography
'cause its a whole new chance for me to be
internet success story

now i'm pimping even newer nothing
but even nothing's never really free
and i'm workin for an even younger yuppie now
i'm just another mp3
just another mp3
filed in some directory
internet success story

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