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Live Action Role Playing Games in a Theater Setting

AIP's Hypertheater Group specializes in the design and production of Live Interactive Fiction Events derived from a combination of theatrical presentations and LARPs (Live Action Role-Plays). These unique "theater-games" are designed and run by Tod Foley and the AIP staff, along with a growing network of affiliated independent artists and producers.

The AIP system of interactive fiction development is based upon more than fifteen years of research in game design and playtesting for all media. Bringing together a wide variety of specialized talents from the fields of Film and Stage Production, Computer Programming, Screenwriting, Graphic Design, Performance Art and Business Development, AIP has created a new hybrid vehicle for the development of interactive fictional worlds.



Cassandra gritted and bore, relaxed; squeezed without using her body, encircling the pain, putting it at a distance.

 (so far) 
 (shut up) 


Fish Tale

Abandoned Neophyte Madness #1

It was four-forty-five in the vicinity of the department store; and the mad last-minute shoppers, fulfilling their duties to society and themselves, rushed violently through the place like chicken-hungry-barracuda-dervishes-with-their-heads-cut-off, and a small voice spoke from inside, or very close to, my head:

"make yourself scarce."


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