Axis CMS

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AxisCMS is a customizable Content Management System for small businesses, allowing you to manage articles, products, lists, galleries, calendars and other pages on your website. It's the dynamic online solution for your small business, giving you total control over your content while separating you from all that hairy code.

Customized to Your Website's Design

AxisCMS is installed on your webserver, and customized to fit the unique look and feel of your online presence. The installation process will require several days, and no two installations are exactly alike. Your existing colors, fonts, logos and frame elements will be directly incorporated into the 'skin' of your AxisCMS.

Easy To Use

Why should you need to hire a webmaster just to change some content on your website? You shouldn't. Your website has become dynamic, and this means you need a dynamic means of accessing and controlling it. AxisCMS puts that control back in your hands, making you the editor-in-chief of your website. It's easy to use, and hard to break.

Levels of Control

Anyone in your company can use AxisCMS - even the typical office temp worker - to make website updates quick and painless. But we go one step further by giving you Access Control over your own staffmembers. By creating a 'User Group' and selecting a few options, you can allow or deny different access privileges for everyone in your organization.

Affordable Power

AxisCMS is priced in a competitive range for the serious small business owner. The actual cost will vary depending on the size of your site and the number of optional features you want added, but the typical small business website can be "Axified" for a base price of $900 (additional modules are available at an additional cost, depending on your desired functionality). This one-time investment will give you total control over your website content, once and for all.

The Axis Difference

Most CMSs are built with the developer's ease in mind - that is, they possess highly normalized database schemas and a wide range of display-altering functions, because they need to be customized across multiple clients. But why should you care about other clients? The Axis CMS database is custom-tailored to your needs, and your Axis code contains only the functions your particular site requires. This means less overhead for your server, resulting in faster performance for your users.

Installation Requirements

AxisCMS is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. These services are commonly available at most any webhosting company. No additional software is required.