Building UbiquiCity

A medium-sized metropolis of the early 22nd century, the sprawling development known colloquially as “UbiquiCity” is the latest of the continent’s candidate cities to have completed a civic upgrade of public services in its central business district, along with more than half of its urban and suburban districts. This upgrade establishes control of all services – via pervasive sensor networks and computer systems – under the watchful eye of the CitySystem AI. These wealthy and powerful districts possess the latest in smart technology, with every building, device and control system connected via the Internet Of Things.

Cars and trucks drive themselves, drones fill the skies, cloud-trained robots perform once-human jobs. Phones, homes, appliances, vehicles, media devices, shops, shelves, products, sidewalks, streetlights, roadsigns and even toilets all communicate with each other electronically, and an artificially-intelligent CitySystem manages the distribution, use and recycling of resources for optimal economy. For the inhabitants of the Ubi Zones, life is sweet. But not everyone in the metropolitan region is so blessed...

UbiquiCity will be presented in two ways: (1) as an anthology of short stories about characters and events in a future city where ubiquitous computing is the source of much innovation, rennovation and social disruption, and (2) as a GameMaster’s sourcebook usable with any science fiction roleplaying game featuring future cities and ubiquitous computing.

About the Authors
UbiquiCity features short stories and prose by Niko Carcosa, Antony Copeland, Tod Davies, Tod Foley, DeAnna Knippling, SL Koch, Shariann Lewitt, Adrian McCauley, and T Reynolds. Curated by Tod Foley, published by As If Productions. Coming in WINTER 2017.

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As lead designer, curator and publisher of this ambitious project, I'll be dropping occasional updates as it develops.

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