Avatar-Based Virtual Worlds

ActiveWorlds lets you visit and chat in 3D worlds that are built by other users. Interactive Environments, Virtual Reality Games and VR Training Software can all be created using the ActiveWorlds system. You can custom brand your virtual world and host it on your own servers. The ActiveWorlds enterprise product is the platform of choice for many Fortune 100 corporations who want full control over their online worlds.

Publisher: Activeworlds Inc.
Status: active

blaxxun is the leading real-time multi-user 3D client/server platform for the delivery of shared interactive 3D content on the Web.

The blaxxun Communication Server is ideally suited for deploying and managing rich-media community, collaboration and mobile applications and services which can be experienced with the blaxxun Contact plugin or the blaxxun 3D Java applet.

Publisher: Blaxxun Interactive
Status: defunct

This product has been discontinued, and no support is available.

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Status: defunct

This system has been discontinued, and the inngames.com domain no longer exists.

Publisher: ImagiNation Network
Status: defunct

The Digital Space Commons. While the website is still up and the product appears to be active, there hasn't been a new post on their front page since June 2008. Thanks to AusMounty for the URL.

Publisher: DigitalSpace Corporation
Status: active

Dramagame is an online multiplayer game where all characters are played by real people. Everyone gets a pre-made character with history and goals to play with. Chatting with other player characters is the core gameplay. [Requires Windows Vista or later.]

The first version is already playable. The first story is called Velvet Sundown and it takes place on a luxury yacht sailing in the Caribbean. We just launched an indiegogo project to support the continuous development: http://www.indiegogo.com/dramagame

Publisher: Tribe Studios Ltd
Status: defunct

The Dubit Avatar Chat Community is Dubit is an online community created for (and by) UK teenagers, in the form of a 3D chat world called "Dubit Island". In this lightly-moderated environment, the Dubit team provides a safe online environment where people can meet, chat, blog & play games. Requires Flash.

Publisher: Dubit
Status: defunct

Furries, you've got a new home. "Furcadia is the magical world where the animals have learned to speak and walk upon two legs. Create your own customizable avatar and start exploring the friendly online game (MMOG) with rich player-driven content. Our established online community, grown over years, has become a second home to tens of thousands of players." Some of the areas in Furcadia are recommended for users 18 years of age or older.

Publisher: Dragon's Eye Productions
Status: active

"Gaia Online is more than just an online hangout. It's a world populated with millions of people gathering to chat, play games, watch movies, and show off their creativity through customized avatars, profiles, and journals." The online world of Gaia includes chat, journals, shops, profiles, forums, arenas, and a wide variety of special live events. Thanks to Danny for the tip!

Publisher: Gaia Interactive, Inc
Status: active

Habbo Hotel is a hangout for teens. Requires Shockwave.

Publisher: Habbo Ltd.
Status: defunct