GoAway - README.txt

GoAway is a dirt-simple, light-weight "Ban By IP" module for Drupal 6. It works by redirecting offending anonymous users to a page or URL specified by the admin. The module possesses the following features:

- Separate permissions for (1) settings, (2) banning, and (3) unbanning
- Either a local page or a remote URL may be used as the redirect destination
- Adds display of IP address to anonymous comments for easy tracking & copying
(only displayed to users with 'ban' permission)

To install the module:

1. Extract the tarball into your sites/all/modules directory.

2. Enable the module from admin/build/modules

3. Enter your desired redirect destination at admin/settings/goaway

Once the module is enabled, you will see IP addresses listed in all anonymous comments.

To ban an anonymous user, copy their IP address from their comment and paste it into the textfield at admin/user/goaway

Previously-banned IP addresses may also be unbanned on this page.

Tod Foley
As If Productions

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Tim Ocean http://www.oceanup.com
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