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Updated: 47 min 20 sec ago

Video Game Deep Cuts: In The Sky, The Dungeon Master Reigns - by Simon Carless

1 hour 6 min ago
This week's roundup includes a look at Thatgamecompany's Sky, the rise of the professional dungeon master, and the far-ahead tech of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64, as well as the latest on No Man's Sky, Dead Cells, and lots more besides.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

How to Make a Casual Mobile Game - Designing Sounds and Music - by Pavel Shylenok

19 July 2019 - 7:36am
Sounds and music are one of the most important parts of the game atmosphere - as equally important as visuals. However, all sound works are postponed for the very end. And that's completely wrong.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Audio Middleware: Why would I want it in my game? - by Theo Nogueira

19 July 2019 - 7:34am
On our current day and age of game development, almost all AAA game studios use audio middleware and so does a good amount of indie game developers. However, a lot of indie developers wonder what is it, where does it come from and why do they need it.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

NASA Historian considers Kerbal Space Program - by Bob Whitaker

19 July 2019 - 7:31am
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Bob Whitaker talks with Dr. Roger Launius about Kerbal Space Program. Topics include the history of the Apollo Program, the Space Race, the Cold War, and Apollo 11.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Satisfactory: Network Optimizations - by Gafgar Davallius

18 July 2019 - 8:13am
We recently released our second big Update for Satisfactory and one of the things we improved is network performance. Running huge factory simulations over the network poses a unique challenge and I'm here to share our approach on solving it.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

My Roblox Years: Dungeon Life and New Product Science - by Jamie Fristrom

18 July 2019 - 7:31am
A retrospective on the years I spent developing professionally on the Roblox platform and how I attempted to apply new product science to game development there.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Seven Standards: 3. Gain Benefit - by Ben Follington

18 July 2019 - 7:23am
Allocate energy, effort, time and money to areas consistent with your own values and skills. Understanding your own strengths, weaknesses, goals and values allows you to find a place where you can work to your best. Insist on appropriate compensation.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Artist Dilemma in Game Development - by Josh Bycer

18 July 2019 - 7:22am
Is it better to design a game for art or one for money? We're talking the artist dilemma in today's post, and how the best designers can do both.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Pre-Mortem for VR Kickstarter “Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80’s” - by Laura Tallardy

18 July 2019 - 7:22am
A quick summary of the prep & launch of our VR game Kickstarter campaign.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Writing Characters for Shadowgun Legends: Part Two - by Lee Adams

18 July 2019 - 7:20am
This is the second part of my article about writing dialogue and developing characters for the NPCs in our latest game, Shadowgun Legends...
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Revealed: The Most Demanded Languages For Game Localization (H1 2019) - by Dolly Dai

17 July 2019 - 8:05am
FIGS is not enough for game localization any more and has been joined by zhCN+brPT+RU to create a “Magnificent Seven Standard” in the loc industry, while Turkish, Malay, and Hindi demonstrated tremendous two-year growth.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Braid Behind the Scenes - by Sande Chen

17 July 2019 - 8:04am
In this article, game designer Sande Chen summarizes Jonathan Blow's session at the 2019 Taipei Game Developers Forum, in which he gave a behind-the-scenes look at the development of his game, Braid.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Guessing the Future with Patents - by Ryan Ward

17 July 2019 - 7:39am
Andrew F. Pratt and Ryan T. Ward of Venable LLP examine patents from three major companies within the gaming industry to predict what new technologies they are researching.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition: additional content through channeling the main character - by Miguel José García Corchero

17 July 2019 - 7:37am
Creating new content for a known game without killing the vibe: How channeling the Hyper Light Drifter protagonist became an efficient technique to design new content for Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition for iOS and Switch.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

China Game Market Recovers from Government Policy Changes [Report] - by Mantin Lu

17 July 2019 - 7:36am
iResearch recently released their new China Online Game Industry Q1 Report. First, let’s highlight some of the key game industry data revealed. Then towards the end of this article, I’ll share my thoughts about what they mean.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Deep Management #4: Aristotle Ruminates on Game Dev Part II - by John Bible

17 July 2019 - 7:32am
Ever wondered how Aristotle would run a game company? In this second part, we consider Aristotle's middle way, building on our discussion of ultimate and subordinate goods. Our purpose is to convert the travails of game development to serene calmness.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Gaminiscing 101 – Recording my grandmother's childhood memories to turn them into a video game - by Bob De Schutter

17 July 2019 - 7:32am
Recording a loved ones' memories for use as in-game audio is not as straight-forward as it might sound. In this article, I look into the challenges I faced when doing so, and the methods that I used to overcome them.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Boost your Mobile Game Downloads in 3 Simple Steps - by Marcus Kay

17 July 2019 - 7:29am
Through countless hours of hard work and research on app store keywords, I learned many techniques to “get my app off the ground”. At last, I managed to increase the app downloads by more than 10 times! Here are the 3 steps that I used...
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Steam Diving Bell: a tool for "wikipedia binging" Steam games - by Lars Doucet

17 July 2019 - 2:37am
Designing a tool for browsing Steam games "Wikipedia binge" style
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Game Design in the Age of Climate Change - by Justin Reeve

16 July 2019 - 7:49am
The landscapes in Metro Exodus are all in a certain sense broken. Why are they depicted in this way? This article takes a look at how game design can be used to make a statement about climate change.
Categories: Game Theory & Design