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New Drupal Modules - 15 hours 12 min ago
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New Drupal Modules - 17 hours 50 min ago

Creates JSON:API Resource routes for Views.

Entities resulting from a view query will be available at /jsonapi/views/{view_id}/{display}.

This endpoint should respect any exposed filter parameters configured for a display.

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New Drupal Modules - 23 hours 19 min ago

Adds the BirdSeed script to your Drupal website.


1. Add BirdSeed script to specific pages
2. Add BirdSeed script to specific roles
3. Provides hook_birdseed_access_alter to add custom visibility conditions

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Ixis.co.uk - Thoughts: Can Drupal be used for mobile apps?

Planet Drupal - 23 hours 20 min ago
Any website being developed these days is built on top of a responsive framework allowing pages to adapt and re-layout content based on the size of the viewing device.  Perfect for mobile and tablet devices alongside traditional desktop screens.  So why are mobile apps still chased after by people? What’s wrong with their responsive website?
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Advanced Drupal Audit Tool

New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 10:05pm
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Responsive Layout Builder

New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 8:09pm

Drupal 8 replacement for Responsive Panel Panes module.

This module helps to configure breakpoints per blocks in layout builder to control displaying of blocks in various screen sizes.

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Page Attributes

New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 5:58pm

Page Attributes is a simple module that allow you to customize a body class or an article class.

It will add a new area at the Advanced section of an add/new node page, and at the view page, you will have the informed classes.

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Azure Blob File System

New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 8:53am


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New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 7:13am

This project is a drupal 8,9 porting of: jivosite_widget

JivoChat livechat is simple and elegant communication solution for your e-commerce site. It resembles Facebook chat window that is quite familiar nowadays. Also chat window always stays on top of your web site and does not blink and reload upon navigation. It will not get buried under dozens of opened browser windows and provide smooth user experience. If nobody is online visitor will see offline email form.

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thesavvyfew.com: How to customize the language switcher in Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - 20 February 2020 - 6:18am

As a creative digital agency based in Amsterdam, we’ve gotten used to having two languages of conduct: Dutch and English. We switch back and forth without even noticing and have learned to read, write and conduct business in both languages effortlessly. Our clients are…

Read more
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CTI Digital: CTI goes to Drupal Camp London 2020

Planet Drupal - 20 February 2020 - 5:54am

Drupal Camp London is a 3-day celebration of the users, designers, developers and advocates of Drupal and its community! Attracting 500 people from across Europe, after Drupalcon, it’s one of the biggest events in the Drupal Calendar. As such, we're pleased to sponsor such an event for the 6th time!

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Best selling products

New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 5:35am

"Best selling products" main feature of this module is the possibility to build and display "the best sales" block with products in your shop pages.

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Node auto term for entity reference field [SATE]

New Drupal Modules - 20 February 2020 - 2:11am

Parse text field (field type = text_with_summary) into entity reference taxonomy term field
(field type = entity_reference)
on event create and update entity.

field type entity_reference

Sponsored by http://oldlexicons.ru/

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Droptica: Drupal Agency Experts Heading To DrupalCamp London 2020

Planet Drupal - 20 February 2020 - 1:24am
DrupalCamp London is a great event for all Drupal agencies. It is a conference that brings together hundreds of Drupal experts from around the world. It's a great opportunity to meet people who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform. Therefore, as usually we will be there this year as well. Droptica is a sponsor of DrupalCamp London 2020 We are proud to sponsor and participate in this year's DrupalCamp London. The event will take place on March 13-15, 2020 in London.
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File Upload Options

New Drupal Modules - 19 February 2020 - 1:37pm

Specify what should happen when uploaded files have the same name as files already uploaded. Configured per field, the options are are grouped by entity type.

To use, install and go to Admin -> Config -> Media -> File Upload Options to configure.

Also supports file uploads via REST which use FileUploadResource.

Only file fields are supported at this stage.

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Nonprofit Drupal posts: February Drupal for Nonprofits Chat -- Pantheon, NTC Planning

Planet Drupal - 19 February 2020 - 1:24pm

Our normally scheduled call to chat about all things Drupal and nonprofits will happen TOMORROW, Thursday, February 20, at 1pm ET / 10am PT. (Convert to your local time zone.)

This month, in addition to our usual free-for-all, we'll be talking about hosting on Pantheon. There has been a lot of discussion in the community and on the Drupal Slack #nonprofits channel about some of the pricing changes they have implemented. If you would like to discuss and contribute to the conversation, please join us.

We will also have an update on our community's plans for the upcoming Nonprofit Technology Conference (20NTC).

All nonprofit Drupal devs and users, regardless of experience level, are always welcome on this call.

Feel free to share your thoughts and discussion points ahead of time in our collaborative Google doc: https://nten.org/drupal/notes

This free call is sponsored by NTEN.org but open to everyone.

REMINDER: New call-in information -- we're on Zoom now!

  • Join the call: https://zoom.us/j/308614035
    • Meeting ID: 308 614 035
    • One tap mobile
      • +16699006833,,308614035# US (San Jose)
      • +16465588656,,308614035# US (New York)
    • Dial by your location
      • +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
      • +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
  • Follow along on Google Docs: https://nten.org/drupal/notes
  • Follow along on Twitter: #npdrupal

View notes of previous months' calls.

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Boardgames Library

New Drupal Modules - 19 February 2020 - 12:38pm

This module was designed to allow an organization a way to manage a real world boardgame library with their Drupal website.

-- Work in progress

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Lullabot: Drupal 9 Olivero: Turning Conversation into a Core Initiative

Planet Drupal - 19 February 2020 - 10:11am

One of the biggest benefits of an open-source community like Drupal is the ability to collaborate with fantastic people that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to work with. However, when you have an idea that you think would be a good initiative for a Drupal core release (such as Drupal 9) you might find yourself thinking: "How do I even begin? How can I advocate for my idea?” We all find ourselves asking these questions as we navigate the complex journey of turning an idea into a core initiative.

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Instagram Graph API

New Drupal Modules - 19 February 2020 - 10:08am

This module uses the new Instagram Graph API https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram-api/. You have to create a Facebook application and link your Instagram Business account to it. Once it's done, link your Instagram Business account with your professional Facebook Page and visit the module's settings page to link your Instagram account to your Drupal site.

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Commerce DHL

New Drupal Modules - 19 February 2020 - 10:02am

Integration of the DHL Shippment Business API


  • Generate shipping labels
  • Get products and prices based on package size and weight
  • Shipment control
  • Shipment tracking
  • Manage returns

The module is under active development. A first release candidate will be released in the last week of March 2020.

This project is sponsored and developed by Kommune3. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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