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Burning Beard - 3string version

A 3string instrumental interpretation of "Burning Beard" (Clutch). This is a work in progress - I think I added a couple 16ths in there - but hey - this song is hard!

Internet Success Story

Inspired by the death-throes of the music industry as we know it, this song explores the hopes and fears of the digital artist in the age of plug-in media content. Running Time: 3 min 22 sec. Instrumentation: Ovation Acoustic Guitars, Shure Microphones, and way too much reverb. Written, performed and digitally mixed by Tod Foley.

Listen [MP3]


Music - 3stringovation

Welcome to a collection of songs, some of which you may recognize, arranged for the 3string guitar. If you aren't astounded by the unusual musical talent exhibited here, you may still be moved by the obvious need for better quality media recording equipment.


Savage Time

It's a brave old world, for man, beast, and messiah.

Instrumentation: Two 3-string Ovation Guitars (one acoustic & one synthesized), Korg Wavestation, Roland TR707 Drum Machine, Alesis Midisys, Shure Microphones. Written, performed and mixed down on a cheap 4-track by Tod Foley.

Listen [MP3]


The Quickening Gather

A rough dub of this original piece, featuring two - COUNT EM TWO! - 3string guitars. Written and performed by Tod Foley. Although I can't really call it "mixing". Rawk aut, do0d.

Listen [MP3]


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