A sister site of, FitCeleb features health-related stories, celebrity news, exercise tips and nutritional advice to help you live a healthy lifestyle. FitCeleb began as a WordPress site, but they have joined the growing list of ex-WP sites now using Drupal for their content management needs.

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I've been considering some CMS options to Word Press also, primarily Drupal and Joomla. My friend said he like Drupal better for SEO, but Joomla might have more templates available.

Is the template for a custom template or were you able to use an available template and do a custom header?


Chris Hutcherson

The FitCeleb theme is actually a modified version of the ImNotObsessed theme, which was built to emulate a custom design by Vera Sweeney. (FitCeleb was once a sub-site of, and they share many of the same members, so it made sense to do it that way.)

Drupal continues to rock. Just had a look at FitCeleb it is nice site.

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