An online automated process for filing fictitious business names (otherwise known as DBAs), this site was retrofitted with an Axis-CMS infrastructure in order to allow for future expansibility. Design and graphics by Laird Maresch.

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Does file for all states? Also, does it do anything with LLC's?

Currently they are for California only. I hear they have plans for expanding to all states. I believe LLCs are covered.

I just used this service and the server crashed or something to spit out some java code string instead of giving me my paperwork. So I'm 97 dollars poor-er and have nothing at all to show for it. I am so mad right now I could crap a horse.

That sounds medically dangerous. Contact them directly (there's an email form on their website) and tell them what happened. I'm sure they'll fix you up.

I am disappointed and dissatisfied with I paid 98 dollars for them to file my FBN with the county. didn't render services paid for. They say it takes 6 minutes to file using their services as opposed to standing in line for 6 hours at the county clerk's office. You know what? I waited one month and received nothing. This is a severe blow to my business. I lost valuable time & money. I also asked for a complete refund as they promised when I first inquired. I still have yet to see my money. They should not advertise the BBB Online Reliability logo on their website. Horrible, horrible, horrible service. FYI: is a DBA of Core Media Group, Inc. & Beacon Media, Inc. Personally, I think their media publications are a load of crap. Buyer beware. Their Better Business Bureau is F.

I couldn't believe it when I read it. I had to go check for myself. And you're right - they have an F rating. Actually it looks like they are not members of the BBB at all, and I'm not sure what it takes to get that little logo. Wow.

Anyway... umm... Were you happy with the way the website worked, until you were charged?

I just checked it again, and they now have a BBB rating of A- Looks like they got whatever it was worked out.

I just used their website and I was satisfied with their website and customer service. I got my certification back in a timely manner. So I would recommend them to all my friends and Colleagues.

Good to hear they've got it all worked out. While I agree with the sentiment expressed in your headline generally, the fact remains that their BBB rating was an F at the time. I wouldn't have approved the comment if it wasn't true. On this page, you can believe everything you read - as long as you consider the date.