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Talking 'bout Annihilation - on Fictoplasm

As If Productions founder Tod Foley was recently a guest on "Fictoplasm" with Ralph Lovegrove with Becky Annison - an excellent podcast which takes a look at great works of fiction, and examines them from the point of view of game design. For example: How would you build a game out of Jeff VanderMeer's mind-blowing novel "Annihilation" (first book in the famous "Southern Reach" series)?

That's the topic under discussion. Have a listen. And read the book!

Project Ubi is Underway!

Project Ubi: Building UbiquiCity

Have you ever curated an anthology? How about curating an anthology that's written collaboratively while writing a GM's sourcebook based on it? Anybody? Beuller?

Well, I'm doing it right now, and it's - uh - it's a lot. It's YUGE.

But it's going pretty well so far, and this week I opened up all the social media pages and made the announcements:
Project Ubi is underway!

WTF is Project Ubi? Fair question.

Test Newsletter 1

In D6 using Poormanscron can cause simplenews to send multiple copies of the same email to the same recipient. Therefore I strongly advise against using Poormanscron.. Use cron(tab) and cron.php instead. See this issue. In D7 we use locking which should prevent sending multiple copies. However you can expect much more timing accuracy and reproducibility when using a real cron. If you want support, please setup cron first.

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