Jaye Foster's Review of "DayTrippers"

DayTrippers Core Rules and GameMasters Guide

Jaye Foster of 6d6 fame has written a well-thought-out and detailed review of DayTrippers - both the Core Rules book and the GameMasters Guide.

Jaye is no newcomer to game design himself, and his breakdown of the game's mechanical and thematic elements is pretty spot-on. If you're curious about running a game of DayTrippers, this is a good review to give you a handle on how it all fits together.

"The goal of DayTrippers is to produce science fiction adventures that encourage thought through the presence of surrealist ideas, objects and concepts. It achieves this through flexible mechanics that sit in the background of play, and through the wealth of supporting materials. This is a game that is unafraid of philosophy and welcomes it to the table."

You can read the full review here: http://6d6rpg.com/rpg/daytrippers-review/