Note: Results are intended as jumping-off points for brainstorming, and may be interpreted in various ways. For instance: a "subliminal" tactic might suggest subliminal advertising, misdirection or mind control, or perhaps a way of moving without being seen, or it might simply mean "under the radar". Let the context guide you, and go with whatever interpretation works in your world.

Lone Wolf or Cult Leader
Their motivation involves Respect.

TACTICS: manipulative.
SECRET: a secret means of communication.
WEAKNESS: a lack of imagination.

Wants to increase in power.

Community Organization or Activists
Their motivation involves Pride.

TACTICS: creative and moralistic.
SECRET: a secret weapon or device gives them an advantage.
WEAKNESS: false beliefs.

Lead NPC wants to win something.

Colony, Arcology or Space Station
Their motivation involves Survival.

TACTICS: manipulative.
SECRET: a criminal secret that could expose them to prosecution.
WEAKNESS: hyper-aggression.

Lead NPC wants to avoid someone or something.

Bank/Exchange/Financial Institution
Their motivation involves Freedom.

TACTICS: creative.
SECRET: a secret means of communication.
WEAKNESS: immorality and vice.

Lead NPC wants to master something.