Note: Results are intended as jumping-off points for brainstorming, and may be interpreted in various ways. For instance: a "subliminal" tactic might suggest subliminal advertising, misdirection or mind control, or perhaps a way of moving without being seen, or it might simply mean "under the radar". Let the context guide you, and go with whatever interpretation works in your world.

Government Agency or Intel Organization
Their motivation involves Power.

TACTICS: moralistic and logistical.
SECRET: a secret weapon or device gives them an advantage.
WEAKNESS: immorality and vice.

Lead NPC wants to expose someone or something.

Media or Software Company
Their motivation involves Lust.

TACTICS: inscrutible.
SECRET: a strategic secret obscures their true goals.
WEAKNESS: a secret uneasily shared in common with Faction C.

Lead NPC wants to explore someplace.

Colony, Arcology or Space Station
Their motivation involves Knowledge.

TACTICS: inscrutible.
SECRET: a secret means of communication.
WEAKNESS: hyper-aggression.

Lead NPC wants to master something.

Nonhuman or artificial intelligence
Their motivation involves Revenge.

TACTICS: moralistic.
SECRET: a secret uneasily shared in common with Faction C.
WEAKNESS: illegal/criminal activities.

Wants to lead or teach someone.