Note: Results are intended as jumping-off points for brainstorming, and may be interpreted in various ways. For instance: a "subliminal" tactic might suggest subliminal advertising, misdirection or mind control, or perhaps a way of moving without being seen, or it might simply mean "under the radar". Let the context guide you, and go with whatever interpretation works in your world.

Big Industry/Corporation
Their motivation involves Revenge.

TACTICS: manipulative.
SECRET: a secret allegiance with Faction B.
WEAKNESS: illegal/criminal activities.

Lead NPC wants to avoid someone or something.

Nonhuman or artificial intelligence
Their motivation involves Power.

TACTICS: manipulative.
SECRET: a material or trade secret provides hidden value.
WEAKNESS: immorality and vice.

Wants to obtain someone or something.

Government Agency or Intel Organization
Their motivation involves Envy.

TACTICS: creative and legalistic.
SECRET: a secret about Faction A, with tactical or blackmail value.
WEAKNESS: a lack of imagination.

Lead NPC wants to create something.

Lone Wolf or Cult Leader
Their motivation involves Revenge.

TACTICS: subliminal.
SECRET: a scandalous secret that contradicts their image.
WEAKNESS: a lack of imagination.

Wants to prove something.