Editing Services

I provide comprehensive editorial services for both fiction and nonfiction, with over 20 years of experience.
  • Proofreading
    Correcting surface errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and language.
    $2 per page*

  • Copy Editing
    Fine-tuning your work for grammar, spelling, continuity and consistency of style.
    $3 per page*

  • Line Editing
    Line-by-line review for common problems such as passive voice, wordiness, weak words, overused words, redundancies, repetition and flaws of structure.
    $4 per page*

  • Content Editing
    Substantive revisions for literary issues such as unrealistic dialogue, point of view errors, tense shifts, showing vs telling, flat characters, inconsistent character behavior, sagging middles, info dumps, plot holes, lack of conflict, etc.
    $6 per page*

Discount package rates are available. Are we a good match? Let's find out. Contact me for samples and an online meet-n-greet.

* 250 words equals one page.

Editorial Credits Include:

  • Phadra (Sierra Tenk, 2017) short story
  • Crime of the Scene (S L Koch, 2017) novella
  • A Road Trip to Remember (Chromatic Chameleon Publishing, 2017) roleplaying adventure
  • Asteria Rising (Chromatic Chameleon Publishing, 2017) fictional geography/atlas
  • The Mark of Change (Giacomo Vicenzi, 2017) roleplaying game rules
  • To Summon Mountains (DeAnna Knippling, 2017) short story
  • Real Life Action Hero (T Reynolds, 2017) short story
  • Surrounded by Dolphins (Adrian McCauley, 2017) short story
  • Stockholm Syndrome (Shariann Lewitt, 2017) short story
  • Rat Queen to Black King (S L Koch, 2017) short story
  • Rebel, Rebel (Tod Davies, 2017) short story
  • Murder Inc (Antony Copeland, 2017) short story
  • Awake (Nikos Carcosa, 2017) short story
  • Liar (Chella Faithe, 2016) novella
  • Dagger Falls into Flower (S L Koch, 2016) short story
  • DayTrippers GameMasters Guide (As If Productions, 2015) roleplaying game rules
  • DayTrippers Core Rules (As If Productions, 2015) roleplaying game rules
  • The Palace Iptscrae Language Reference (ThePalace Inc, 1996) programmers' manual
  • The Palace Server Guide (ThePalace Inc, 1996) software administrators' manual
  • The Palace Users Guide (ThePalace Inc, 1996) software user manual
  • PIX-Elation (VRASP, 1992-1995) nationally-distributed home tech magazine
  • IICS LA News (IICS, 1992-1994) interactive industry newsletter

It's important to find the right editor for your style and personality. That's why I believe the ideal writer-editor relationship is both tight and extended. After all, it's more than a matter of grammar; it's a matter of message, voice, quality and consistency. Ready to take that step? Drop me a line.

Author Testimonials

Tod's edits are thorough and attentive to every detail, from minor typos and grammatical errors to abstract issues such as narrative structure and audience expectations. I highly recommend Tod for anyone who needs a good editor.
- David Watkinson