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AIP did a live database and platform migration for the popular site when blogger Michael K decided to move from WordPress to Drupal. The customized theme is based on "Amadou" by Jay Wolf, with art by Mark Robinson.

The Henry and June Lingerie Browser

Way back in 1999, this alluring interactive app, stocked with products from Henry & June Lingerie, was built using Flash content backed by a MySQL database and a neat set of original PHP pages for navigation. It was the first interactive viral catalog designed by AIP.

Axis CMS

Click Here for Demo

AxisCMS is a unique and customizable Content Management System for small businesses, allowing you to quickly and easily manage all articles, products, blog posts, link lists, image galleries, event calendars and other pages on your website. It's the dynamic online solution for your small business, giving you total control over your content - while separating you from all that hairy code.
[Click Here for a Demo]

Wheel Enhancement

Database Optimization, SEO and Template Design for this retailer of Porsche accessories.  Producer/Designer: Kelley Marketing


Online databases and content management systems customized to serve your remote applications and customers - no programming knowledge necessary. All packages include QA, tech support, data input and backups, with a custom administrative interface matching your site's design.


Linux-Based Hosting Packages

Our Linux-based virtual server accounts come in three sizes to fit your needs: Starter, Standard and Developer. Additional Features may be added on an "a la acarte" basis. All accounts feature a Plesk Website Control Panel, and are backed by our 99.5% Uptime Guarantee and Personal Tech Support.



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