The Worlds of Comedy Central

In March 2000, Comedy Central expanded the World of South Park site to include additional programs. The site was redesigned to accomodate the browser-based "Viewer" version of the Palace software, and over the next 9 months more than a dozen rooms were added to the site. The new rooms represented two new series airing on Comedy Central (now cancelled): The Upright Citizens Brigade and Strip Mall starring Julie Brown.

The Worlds of Comedy Central

The highpoint of the year 2000 was the live internet broadcast of the Upright Citizens Brigade's 'ASSSCAT" show. The show was attended by several hundred people in the flesh, while thousands more watched it online. Many of these viewers were watching the RealPlayer video broadcast while simultaneously chatting live in the Palace. May not seem like much of a feat today, but it was whiz-bang at the time ;-)



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