Phase2: Migration: Making It All Work

Planet Drupal - 17 April 2019 - 10:04am

We’ve written a lot about content migration on our blog here—it’s something we have more than a passing interest in, because we do it a lot! The posts below cover the project management, estimation, and basics of content migration from Drupal to Drupal, and other sources too.

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Video game music composer gives lecture at the Library of Congress - by Winifred Phillips Blogs - 17 April 2019 - 7:32am
On April 6th, composer Winifred Phillips delivered the 1st game music composition lecture ever given at the Library of Congress, as part of their first-ever video game music event. This article includes a partial transcript of the lecture's Q&A session.
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Hook 42: Speaker Notes: Attending DrupalCon as a Presenter

Planet Drupal - 17 April 2019 - 6:42am

DrupalCon 2019 was a bit different for me. I have attended previous DrupalCons, usually sitting in the back of the room just taking in all that I could from experts around the world. This year, however, I had the opportunity to be a speaker. Not only was I afforded the opportunity to speak, but I had two separate sessions accepted.

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Migrate Expansion

New Drupal Modules - 17 April 2019 - 6:30am

Migration utilities to streamline D7 to D8 migrations.

This module aims to offer out of the box support for configuration migrations from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, to expand the features from existing contrib modules that would normally require custom development work.

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Teaching Tabletop Role Playing Games

Gnome Stew - 17 April 2019 - 5:11am

In 2011 I offered to DM a 4-hour session of DnD as part of a silent auction for NAMI. My friend Toni bid on it, totally not out of pity. On the successful note of raising a whopping $20, Toni told me she wanted to play with her wife and two friends except… none of them had ever played DnD or any other TTRPGs before. Without thinking it through, I said yes. Then when I started to plan the session, I stared at a blank page for what seemed like hours realizing I had no idea how to teach someone else how to role play.

It’s easy to overwhelm someone new in any hobby especially if it’s something you love and understand. Often we unintentionally miscommunicate for a very simple reason–the newbies don’t speak our language yet. Did you glaze past the terms “DM,” “DnD,” and “TTRPG” in the paragraph above? That’s probably because you know those abbreviations mean Dungeon Master, the one who plans and leads a tabletop role playing game specifically Dungeons and Dragons; Dungeons and Dragons, the flagship game of the role playing industry; and tabletop role playing game, the more generic term for the entire hobby. On the other hand, did you know what NAMI is? From context you know it’s a charity, but unless I spell out the full name as the National Alliance on Mental Illness you may not know what they focus on.

Before You Teach…

If you’re fluent in RPGs, there’s a step I recommend before planning a session for newbies. Play a game you’ve never played before. Preferably something radically different from what you normally play. If you’ve played from levels 1-20 in the same DnD 3.5 edition campaign for the past five years, try picking up something story-forward like Protocol or Fiasco. If you normally play the serious Dark Heresy, try the hilarious Crash Pandas. If you have local conventions, you can look for someone new there. If you don’t, ask your normal group to take a session off and try something different. Or, ask online or find a community like the Gauntlet where you can sign up for online games. If you have no idea what game to play, I recommend John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings or one of its hacks like Love & Justice by my copodner (co-host podcast partner) Senda Linaugh. Handily, you can listen to an adventure of Love & Justice on my podcast She’s A Super Geek BUT don’t just listen–you need to actually play something new. 

 Play a game you’ve never played before. Preferably something radically different from what you normally play. Share1Tweet1Reddit1Email

I get to play new games all the time because of She’s A Super Geek which does one-shots of different games focusing on women as GMs (that’s Game Master, similar to the term DM but considered more generic). When we started SASGeek almost 4 years ago, Senda and I were learning and running all the games. We’ve gotten to a place where a lot of creators, writers, or someone who has run the game a lot come onto the show to run those games for us. It’s amazing, and it means I’m constantly learning new games from the point of view of a player. It can be hard to break out of our fluent understanding of RPGs, so forcing yourself back into that newbie space can break you out of your fluency and give you some insight into what newbies at your own table might be experiencing.

But I didn’t have that experience back in 2011 when I sat down with Toni, her wife, and her two friends. I’m actually not sure of how good of a job I did teaching DnD to them. I remember that we told a good story, and they all had fun. The bard embarrassed herself in front of her crush. The rogue got to back stab their rival (emotionally and literally). The cleric  In the end, that’s what we want newbies to experience. We want them to understand why we spend time in this hobby, what draws us deeper into it, and why it’s worth continuing to learn. We don’t want to bog them down in rules, hard math, or (Cthulhu forbid) table lawyering. We want them to walk away with a hilarious story they want to tell others. So here are a few tips for you as the GM to ensure that happens.

GM Tips
  1. Make the characters–there’s nothing worse than wanting to learn a role play game only to get bogged down in details you don’t understand with the promise of ‘it gets more fun later.’ Create character sheets before hand with gentle role play prompts. If your newbie runs with another idea, that’s ok; but try to give them somewhere to go since they haven’t had experience building a character’s personality. Feel free to use pre-made characters from your system if they’re available.
  2. Plan a straightforward adventure–we all love red herrings, but we’re focusing on teaching the game. Make sure there’s an obvious thing they’re supposed to do. Don’t be afraid to use simple ideas like stealing a magical item from that castle, protecting a caravan as it travels to another city, or rescuing a kidnapped prince. Having a clear goal makes it easier to think of ideas about how to get there. Asking players to think of classic tropes from movies and tv shows can give them a reference point if they become a deer in headlights. A newbie may not know how their character would get into an exclusive club, but they may know what Buffy, Luke Skywalker, or Steven Universe would do.
  3. Have an experienced player at the table–newbies will look to an experienced player to set the tone and show them what’s possible. Just don’t let the experienced player take over the spotlight. Have a talk with them before the game and make sure they’re ok playing with newbies and either holding back or pushing forward depending on how the newbies react.
  4. Don’t overwhelm them with rules–don’t try to explain all the rules in the game up front. Assure the newbies you will teach them the rules as they come up in game. Let them choose their character’s name and go over the basics of reading the character sheet.
  5. Don’t overwhelm them with jargon–don’t use acronyms if you can help it. Try to explain things when the newbies are confused. Ask them if they’re confused. Encourage them to call out when you’re using a term they don’t understand.
  6. Create an inviting first scene–Give the players a reason to interact with each other. Are they all stuck in the same jail? Do they all know a retired adventurer who’s called them together for an unknown reason? This doesn’t have to be a traditional go-around-the-table-and-introduce-your-character-scene, but there’s nothing wrong with that!
  7. Create a skill challenge or small combat as the second scene–It doesn’t have to be an all-out battle. It could be a patron asking the characters to prove that they can handle a task or a simple go kill that low-level monster over there. They’ve stretched role play legs in the first scene. Now they get to work those mechanics a little. If it gets overwhelming, cut it short and move on. You just want to give the new players a chance to get a feel for the mechanics so that they know what’s possible within the game. 
  8. Make sure every character gets the spotlight–since you’ve made the characters, you know what they’re good at. Make sure everyone gets some spotlight time to do what they’re good at. If you’ve got a hacker, make sure there are computer locked doors in the way. If you’ve got a wizard, make sure there’s a book that only they can read. If possible you want the light to shine on each character for something both mechanical and role play-focused. 
  9. Laissez les bons temps rouler*–It’s ok if your straightforward plot goes off the rails. If they’re not having fun, do something different. A bad guy kicks in the door. A distress cry is heard from the next street over. Someone’s sword leaps out of their hands and starts singing. Just keep the game moving and make sure people are having fun!

Giving someone a window into our hobby can be amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask new people to play. You can teach them. After all, we were all newbies at some point. Someone else helped us learn how to play, probably multiple someones else. Being that person for someone else allows us to pay our experience forward, and hopefully they will do the same when the time comes. 

What games have you found the easiest or most difficult to teach? What did someone teach you badly or goodly when you started gaming?


*Let the good times roll

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Webform Timeout

New Drupal Modules - 17 April 2019 - 3:31am

Provides functionality for Webform (8.x) to limit user time during which he is able to make webform submission.

Good example for this functionality is a Quiz based on Webform with Webform Score module enabled.

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Doc to html

New Drupal Modules - 17 April 2019 - 1:11am
Categories: Drupal Blog: Interview with Ruben Teijeiro, Drupal hero at 1xINTERNET and co-founder of Youpal

Planet Drupal - 17 April 2019 - 12:40am

For our latest Drupal Community interview, we had a really great talk with Ruben Teijeiro of Youpal and 1xINTERNET. Ruben revealed to us the meaning and responsibilities of a Drupal hero, a role which has enabled him to spread Drupal awareness all over the world and meet diverse Drupal communities.

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OPTASY: What Makes the End-User Experience in Drupal 8 Stand Out?

Planet Drupal - 17 April 2019 - 12:30am
What Makes the End-User Experience in Drupal 8 Stand Out? adriana.cacoveanu Wed, 04/17/2019 - 07:30

What makes Drupal a great choice from a UX standpoint? What features are responsible for the enhanced end-user experience in Drupal 8? Those features that enable you to easily create an intuitive and enjoyable visitor experience on your own Drupal-based website/application.

And to constantly improve it...

Is it all those performance enhancements that it ships with? Or maybe its “responsive out-of-the-box” nature? Or rather its multilingual capabilities?

1. But First: 7 Evergreen Ways to Improve Your Website's UX

It goes without saying that, in order to create an enjoyable, rich user experience on your Drupal 8 website, you'll need to:

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Search Alter

New Drupal Modules - 17 April 2019 - 12:08am

Search Alter module allows users to expend or modify core features of search module. In this module, you can easily modify No result Behavior.

  • Configuration page :/admin/config/system/search_alter

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EZProxy Groups for Roles

New Drupal Modules - 16 April 2019 - 3:07pm

The EZProxy module provides Drupal Users access to databases that may have restricted access. The EZProxy system can restrict access to Groups that are managed by the EZProxy provider. This module allows these Groups to be mapped to Drupal User Roles so that when a Drupal User tries to authenticate to EZProxy the Groups can be sent based on the Roles the User has assigned to them.

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Xbox merges Live Gold and Game Pass under Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 16 April 2019 - 2:49pm

The 2-for-1 subscription offers access to Xbox Game Pass' library of games and an Xbox Live Gold membership for one monthly fee. ...

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Amazee Labs: DrupalCon Seattle Recap - A week to remember

Planet Drupal - 16 April 2019 - 11:04am
DrupalCon Seattle Recap - A week to remember

I was so excited about going to DrupalCon Seattle, I started packing one week in advance. Granted, I decided to travel light, so my carry-on suitcase quickly showed the task wouldn’t take long.

Maria Comas Tue, 04/16/2019 - 20:04

Every DrupalCon I have been lucky enough to attend has been special in their own way. This was my first time going back to the States after moving out almost two years ago, so after an airport hiccup (protip: make sure to apply for a new ESTA if you happen to renew your passport after you felt very accomplished getting it ready so much time in advance) I was happy to set my regular-sized foot onto its northwest corner.  

The week started very nicely, with some time to explore the city and enjoy a selection of its fine food. As there weren’t any sessions on until Wednesday, Tuesday was mostly hanging out with teammates and other friendly faces in the contribution room.

 Anyone else noticed how in the US bathroom stall’s doors never quite make it to the edge?

After a delicious and fun dinner where all Amazees gathered, it was party time. One of the highlights of the week was getting to attend the Museum of Pop Culture at Pantheon’s party, which featured some awesome exhibits. My favourite part was a sound lab where one could learn how to play real instruments (Louie Louie anyone?).

“Next DrupalCon we need a setlist."

Wednesday and Thursday were packed with brain-revving sessions. Gatsby, data-fetching strategies, and front-end performance were a few of the topics that got a lot of circulation on the printed schedule. But it was diversity and inclusion that rightfully took the main stage at the keynotes. Dries Buytaert began his speech acknowledging that Open Source is not a meritocracy, and Marcy Sutton and Nythia Ruff closed with essential insights on how to use our collective power to build inclusive communities and products.

All in all, there were many moments that made this past week remarkable. Many involved spending time with the team, others meeting new people. Some were expected, like the Women in Drupal luncheon. Others were not, like the Movement BoF that got me walking as if I was auditioning for the Ministry of Silly Walks.

One remarkable moment was definitely getting to give my (first ever) presentation at a DrupalCon (I can confirm, the Speakers-only room has special catering!). All of these moments made me once more very grateful for being able to be a part of this. I’m looking forward next time I get to play suitcase Tetris and find out what will make the next DrupalCon a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Help Topics Backlinks

New Drupal Modules - 16 April 2019 - 11:01am

This experimental module adds backlinks to the shiny new experimental help topics module.

Use case: Consider you write a help topic for a feature module, explaining how the hell your sitebuilding tricks work together. You crosslink to field configuration, views, rules, and more. Then you will see "Relevant Help Topics" backlinks on top of each linked page.

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A now-fixed Origin vulnerability potentially opened the client to hackers

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 16 April 2019 - 10:46am

Until just recently, Electronic Arts†™ digital game platform Origin had a security vulnerability that could be used run malicious apps on a user†™s computer. ...

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Entity Tags

New Drupal Modules - 16 April 2019 - 10:21am

This module adds a service decorator to Entity Type Manager to provide the ability to tag entity types. This module is an api tool.


No special requirements.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. Visit: for further information.

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Nonprofit Drupal posts: April Drupal for Nonprofits Chat

Planet Drupal - 16 April 2019 - 8:42am

Our normally scheduled call to chat about all things Drupal and nonprofits will happen Thursday, April 18 at 1pm ET / 10am PT. (Convert to your local time zone.)

On the agenda this month is a report-back from DrupalCon Seattle -- including the Nonprofit Summit -- and anything else related to Drupal and nonprofits that's on our minds.

Feel free to share your thoughts and discussion points ahead of time in our collaborative Google doc:

We have an hour to chat so bring your best Drupal topics and let's do this thing!

Some examples to get your mind firing: how do I recreate [feature] on my Drupal 7 site in Drupal 8? I need to explain [complicated thing] to a non-technical stakeholder -- any advice? How can I get Drupal and my CRM to play nicely?

This free call is sponsored by but open to everyone.

View notes of previous months' calls.

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OSTraining: How to Add Drupal Webforms to Content Types

Planet Drupal - 16 April 2019 - 8:40am

An OSTraining member asked us if it was possible to connect Webforms to their content.

I can imagine a lot of use-cases for this. For example, if you have an "Events" content type, you might want a form so visitors can contact the event organizer. Or if you have a "Business" content type, it might be useful for people to contact the business.

This can be done thanks to a module called "Webform Extra Field" and in this tutorial I'll show you how.

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The Importance of Being Refreshed: Why game jams can be a necessary distraction - by Patric Fallon Blogs - 16 April 2019 - 7:40am
Six months ago, my tiny indie studio failed our first attempt at crowdfunding a game. Without the inspiration that came from entering game jams, we may have never tried again.
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Views Streaming Data

New Drupal Modules - 16 April 2019 - 7:39am

For Drupal 8.6.x and above only.

This module provides a views display type for CSV (+ JSON planned) for exporting large result sets using a streaming Response and limiting the amount of memory consumed by the entity system. The goal is to allow exporting 100k and larger result sets without running out of PHP memory.

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