From Steam to Switch: A Journey of an Indie Game - by Eray Uygun Blogs - 22 May 2018 - 7:02am
Is Nintendo Switch a salvation or a trap for indies? Let's have a closer look.
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CMON Launches Arcadia Quest: Riders Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 22 May 2018 - 7:00am
The lands surrounding the city of Arcadia have long been home to massive beasts, all living happily in the lush fields and forests. However, as the city has been attacked over and over, the surrounding lands have degenerated. Forced to move, these huge creatures have done just that… right into the middle of town! They’ve […]
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PaizoCon Coming This Weekend

Tabletop Gaming News - 22 May 2018 - 6:00am
You all know how much I look forward to the weekend. It’s my favorite. And, I mean, conventions are awesome, too. So, you team up a convention with a weekend (ok, so most conventions are on the weekend, but you know what I mean), and it’s just a super weekend. That’s what we’ve got this […]
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BFF – A Game About Girl Friendship

Gnome Stew - 22 May 2018 - 6:00am


I had the pleasure of interviewing Mother and Son team Terri and Ross about their new game BFF. It’s a really interesting game about friendship that is doing some really innovative stuff, and is based off the roleplaying game Fall of Magic.

What’s BFF about?

T: BFF! is about ‘tween friendship.  A great and fun opportunity to try out various personalities and enter landscapes, such as:  a day at Ghost Duck Middle School, a week at Camp Summertime, overnight in Tiffy’s bedroom or a sneak visit to Ms Wei’s garden.  And I guess you could say the game is about adventure.

R: BFF is about friendship, and how our relationships change and grow as we change and



Why did you decide to make a game about girl friendship? T: I wanted to create a game to interest ‘tween girls.  What is more important at that age than friendship?  There’s so much intensity around whether they are lasting, true, or disappointing.  They shape us and ultimately are even more influential than our families.  R: It was my mom’s idea! What role did you each play in the design and concept? T: Ross inspired me to even think about designing a game.  Once I got the bug, I drew on my experience as a children’s author and focused on an audience of 10 to 13-year old girls, a group I felt might be underserved in story game world.  I wasn’t inhibited by what was going to make it a good game; that was Ross’s territory.  He is experienced in game theory and how to put it to work. Once Ross was on board, we spent hours deliberating on which of my ideas would actually work, and adding concepts of his own.  We had a good balance and had fun bouncing our ideas off each other. R: I’m a mechanics and publishing guy. Mom is the guardian of the spirit of the game, we both worked together with Tay and Veta to generate the content along with our design consulting team. What’s it like working with your son/mom on a game? T: It’s the BEST.  I’m so lucky we like and respect each other.  We laugh a lot!  The only thing that was tricky was getting used to him calling me, “Terri.”   R: Haha, oh Terri! She also reads my mind which is creepy and useful. We get along really well. And Terri has a ton of knowledge about making media for kids. What are your biggest inspirations for this design? T: Of course, I was a ‘tween girl, and so was my daughter (Ross’s sister.) Those days are forever imprinted on me.  I’m also inspired by Ross’s passion for games and game design.  The importance of children’s stories has been a lifelong focus, from my own childhood, as well as readers of the books I write. R: The design is based on Fall of Magic, the flavor is kind of cartoon-networky / lumberjanes. What do you hope people experience with this game?

T: This game works as well for ‘tween girls as it does for others wanting to reinvent their middle school experience.  There’s opportunity to create characters like you or quite different.  And we’ve provided lots of prompts to allow your own creativity to blossom.  I hope players have fun, surprises, and maybe even experience thought-provoking moments.  

Terri Cohlene grew up in a suburb of Seattle, Washington where she competed with her two brothers in polliwog-hatching, berry-fighting and slug-wrangling. She is the author of nine books for children including, Witch’s Brew~Wicked, Wacky Poems for a Dark, Dark Night.  A former art director and editor of her own imprint, Terri currently serves on the board of Olympia Poetry Network and is a writer, freelance editor, and game designer in Olympia, Washington. You can catch up with her at:

Ross Cowman is the owner of Heart Of The Deernicorn, a studio and workshop in downtown Olympia. They make beautiful games to inspire creativity, build community, and expand our sense of possibility. Check out their games at

BFF! – The rpg of girlhood, friendship, and adventure! ! May 1st-June 1st


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GovUK Pay

New Drupal Modules - 22 May 2018 - 2:21am

This Drupal 8 module provides an integration with GOV.UK Pay, a secure payment service that is easy to integrate with and designed to meet the Digital Service Standard. Give your users a trusted GOV.UK-branded payment experience.

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The RPGnet Interview: Cognitive Merchant, Game Aids

RPGNet - 22 May 2018 - 12:00am
A maker of gorgeous game items.
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Web Omelette: How to render entity field widgets inside a custom form

Planet Drupal - 21 May 2018 - 11:43pm

In an older article we looked at how to render an entity form programatically using custom form display modes. Fair enough. But did you ever need to combine this form with a few form elements of yours which do not have to be stored with the corresponding entity? In other words, you need to be working in a custom form…

What I used to do in this case was write my own clean form elements in a custom form and on submit, deal with saving them to the entity. This is not a big deal if I am dealing with simple form elements, and of course, only a few of them. If my form is big or complex, using multivalue fields, image uploads and stuff like this, it becomes quite a hassle. And who needs that?

Instead, in our custom form, we can load up and add the field widgets of our entity form. And I know what you are thinking: can we just build an entity form using the EntityFormBuilder service, as we saw in the previous article, and just copy over the form element definitions? Nope. That won’t work. Instead, we need to mimic what it does. So how do we do that?

We start by creating a nice form display in the UI where we can configure all our widgets (the ones we want to show and in the way we want them to show up). If the default form display is good enough, we don’t even need to create this. Then, inside the buildForm() method of our custom form we need to do a few things.

We create an empty entity of the type that concerns us (for example Node) and store that on the form state (for the submission handling that happens later):

$entity = $this->entityTypeManager->getStorage(‘node’)->create([ 'type' => ‘article’ ]); $form_state->set(‘node’, $node);

Next, we load our newly created form display and store that also on the form state:

/** @var \Drupal\Core\Entity\Display\EntityFormDisplayInterface $form_display */ $form_display = $this->entityTypeManager->getStorage('entity_form_display')->load('node.article.custom_form_display'); $form_state->set('form_display', $form_display);

You’ll notice that the form display is actually a configuration entity whose ID is made up of the concatenation of the entity type and bundle it’s used on, and its unique machine name.

Then, we loop over all the components of this form display (essentially the field widgets that we configure in the UI or inside the base field definitions) and build their widgets onto the form:

foreach ($form_display->getComponents() as $name => $component) { $widget = $form_display->getRenderer($name); if (!$widget) { continue; } $items = $entity->get($name); $items->filterEmptyItems(); $form[$name] = $widget->form($items, $form, $form_state); $form[$name]['#access'] = $items->access('edit'); }

This happens by loading the renderer for each widget type and asking it for its respective form elements. And in order for it to do this, it needs an instance of the FieldItemListInterface for that field (which at this stage is empty) in order to set any default values. This we just get from our entity.

And we also check the access on that field to make sure the current user can access it.

Finally, we need to also specify a #parents key on our form definition because that is something the widgets themselves expect. It can stay empty:

$form['#parents'] = [];

Now we can load our form in the browser and all the configured field widgets should show up nicely. And we can add our own complementary elements as we need. Let’s turn to the submit handler to see how we can easily extract the submitted values and populate the entity. It’s actually very simple:

/** @var \Drupal\Core\Entity\Display\EntityFormDisplayInterface $form_display */ $form_display = $form_state->get('form_display'); $entity = $form_state->get('entity'); $extracted = $form_display->extractFormValues($entity, $form, $form_state);

First, we get our hands on the same form display config and the entity object we passed on from the form definition. Then we use the former to “extract” the values that actually belong to the latter, from the form state, into the entity. The $extracted variable simply contains an array of field names which have been submitted and whose values have been added to the entity.

That’s it. We can continue processing our other values and save the entity: basically whatever we want. But we benefited from using the complex field widgets defined on the form display, in our custom form.

Ain't that grand?

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Mark Shropshire: CharDUG Presents Drupal 8 Training Series

Planet Drupal - 21 May 2018 - 8:09pm

During the past few CharDUG (Charlotte Drupal User Group) meetings, I realized that we have a real need to help our existing Charlotte area Drupalers using Drupal 7 to move on to Drupal 8. There is also a huge opportunity to train those completely new to web development and Drupall. Out of some recent conversations, I have put together a training series that will span the next 6 months and become the focus for each of our monthly meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The CharDUG Drupal 8 Training Series is a comprehensive set of training workshops to get attendees up to speed with all aspects of Drupal 8. Whether you are brand new to Drupal, focused on content management, a frontend or backend developer, or devops engineer, this series contains what you will need to utilize Drupal 8 to its potential. Attendees should bring friends, laptops, and questions. There is no need to attend all sessions, though recommended for those new to Drupal. An outline of what to expect is provided below. If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out on or @chardug.

Drupal 8: Installation and Features
  • June 2018
    • What is Drupal?
      • Community
      • Open Source
      • Contributing to Drupal
    • How to install Drupal 8
    • Important features of note
    • Changes since Drupal 7
    • Drupal release schedule
Drupal 8: Site Building
  • Julu 2018
    • Installing Drupal 8
    • Using Composer with Drupal
    • How to build a site without any development
      • Installing modules and themes
    • Top Drupal 8 contributed modules
    • Users, roles, and permissions
    • Configuring Drupal
Drupal 8: Managing Content
  • August 2018
    • Content management concepts
      • Content types
      • Content authoring experience
      • Content moderations
      • Permissions and roles
      • Content scheduling
    • Creating and editing content
    • Blocks
    • Layout Builder
    • Paragraphs
Drupal 8: Layout and Theming
  • September 2018
    • Layout options
    • Responsive design
    • Images and media
    • Developing a Drupal theme
    • Drupal and responsive layouts
    • Decoupled Drupal frontends
Drupal 8: Module Development
  • October 2018
    • Developing a module
      • Menus and routes
      • Permissions
      • Creating pages and admin forms
      • Event subscribers
    • Writing and running tests
Drupal 8: Deployment and Next Steps
  • November 2018
    • Deploying to production
      • Development workflows
      • Security
        • Guardr
      • SEO
    • Next steps for Drupal
      • Drupal 9
      • New initiatives
      • Decoupled Drupal
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Wyrd Posts Monday Preview

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 3:00pm
One of the things that makes Mondays better is that Wyrd’s consistent with posting new previews… even if they don’t tell us what it is they’re showing us. This week, we’ve got another of those Mystery Monday previews. From the post: Happy Monday! We continue with a look at some mysterious upcoming projects. Head over […]
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Thief’s Hoard Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 2:00pm
There’s money to be made in thievery. However, those that pick pockets might also have their own pockets picked. In Thief’s Hoard, the goal is to create a horde worth $10,000. But you’re not the only thief on the block, and what you steal might not remain yours forever. The card game is up on […]
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New Drupal Modules - 21 May 2018 - 1:38pm
  • Unified and centralised helper to recursively traverse an aggregate. Have a nested array of the traversal output as a transformation of the root level aggregate.
  • Each aggregate is responsible how it exposes his elements. There are traversal events that are fired from the recursive aggregate iterator trait (for use in the extended SPL recursive iterators).
  • Filter to match for « array parents » based subset with wild card capability like « starts with », « ends with », « contains » and « all »
  • Implementation for « object to array » transformation with unlimited depth. Sub module for display it that uses the Krumo library and has a copy of the javascript code from the Drupal 7 Search Krumo module.
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Crusader Kings Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 1:00pm
While nowadays, it seems like everything is moving from the analog world to the digital, there’s still items headed the other direction. For example, take Crusader Kings. This computer strategy game is now coming to your gaming tabletops as Crusader Kings The Board Game. Free League Publishing and Paradox Interactive have teamed up to bring […]
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Corvus Belli Previews Infinity’s June Releases

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 12:00pm
We’re about a week and a half away from June. Hard to believe the months are flying by so fast. Soon, it’ll be summer (for us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). Sun, heat, beaches, all that stuff. It’ll also be a new set of releases for Infinity. Check out the preview by Corvus Belli. Source
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Monday Terrain Corner

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 11:00am
It’s Monday. We all knew it was going to happen. Not that we had to like it, of course. That’s not to say I’m mad about it being the start of the work week, but when you’ve had a great weekend, it’s always a bit of an, “… aw” to wake up Monday morning with […]
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Epic Games puts up $100M for Fortnite esports prize pool

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 21 May 2018 - 10:14am

The studio shared the brief announcement on its company blog, noting that it is looking to get "behind competitive play in a big way" for the game's inaugural 2018-2019 season. ...

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Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes Now Available

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 10:00am
A new book has been released for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is chock full of new information for both GMs and players. There’s information about new varieties of elves as well as tieflings. There’s stats on the various gods and demigods and demons that inhabit all the different realms. There’s […]
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New Hordes Releases Available From Privateer Press

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 9:00am
A new batch of blight is headed for tabletops. There’s a trio of new releases available for the Legion of Everblight for Hordes from Privateer Press. The dragon has built up his legion, and he’s going to show that he’s the most powerful dragon out there, even more than Turok. You can get these figures […]
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Hide All

New Drupal Modules - 21 May 2018 - 8:56am

Hide all modules and themes from the UI.

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New Releases, Pre-orders From Warlord Games

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2018 - 8:00am
As usual for Warlord Games, they’ve got a whole slew of new things to order for their various games. If you’re a fan of Bolt Action, Konflikt ’47, Pike & Shotte, or Test of Honour, you’ll want to see what’s new on the shelves. Konflikt ’47 has the lion’s share, but there’s a little bit […]
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GDPR Form Compliance

New Drupal Modules - 21 May 2018 - 7:21am

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have to optain the permission of your users whenever a form collects and saved personal data (e. g. contact forms).

This module helps you to add a single mandatory checkbox to each formular of your page. You are free to configure the formulars and the checkbox text you want to add.

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