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New Drupal Modules


5 September 2014 - 5:28am

This Module makes the Devicons available to Drupal as a library.


If you have Drush installed, you can see your library information by running

drush libraries-list

Module Development

The global Integration of devicons can be enabled/disabled in the backend. To load the Devicons manually from inside your own module, simply do:

Categories: Drupal

jQuery matchHeight

4 September 2014 - 5:54pm

Drupal implementation of jQuery matchHeight plugin that provides equalheights functionality for elements. Compatible with D8.

For Drupal 7 version, see equalheights module.

Categories: Drupal

SQL user sync

4 September 2014 - 8:49am

This module allow to keep in sync two Drupal instances, and must be installed on both web sites.

The way it works is to update a table, on the slave website, with the user data, when a user is updated or created on the master web site.

Once the update is done, a url is fired via cURL on the slave website. This function read the data from the table, updated by the master, and create or update a user based on the email address.

To test/use this module you need:

Categories: Drupal

ECK Services Extend

4 September 2014 - 8:12am

this module will extend ECK services, let it support more feature.

Coming soon...

Categories: Drupal


3 September 2014 - 2:12pm

Provides tools and an API for developers to leverage to rapidly build out RESTful services. More to follow

Categories: Drupal

osCaddie - Google Cloud Storage

3 September 2014 - 1:53pm
Categories: Drupal

Show Field Info

3 September 2014 - 7:45am

This module shows field cardinalities and necessities on entity field settings page and field names on entity field display settings page.

Categories: Drupal

Telize Redirection

3 September 2014 - 3:42am

The module allows simple redirection based on Country (Geo Ip).

The module uses the Telize API from

The redirection is handled on the front-end, rather than on the backend. So you don't have to worry about caching or breaking your Varnish. Works with boost as well.

How to configure:

1) Navigate to admin/config/system/telize-redirect
2) Enter the redirection rules in the format of [2-letter-country-code]|[Redirection-Url]
3) That's it!

Categories: Drupal


2 September 2014 - 7:39pm

This module allows you to output a link to play content from the SurferNetwork streaming service.

Credits / Contact

Currently maintained by Damien McKenna. Development is sponsored by The Batavian.

The best way to contact the authors is to submit an issue, be it a support request, a feature request or a bug report, in the project issue queue.

Categories: Drupal

Admin Login

1 September 2014 - 10:35pm

A simple module to provide a special path for admin login.

Suppose a situation:

e.g. your site only allows the telphone number as the username, and you use the Simple Validation module on the login box is verified, then, you will can't login with username "admin", so now you need a special path for the administrator login

coming soon...

Categories: Drupal

Client Menu (Responsive Navigation)

31 August 2014 - 2:52am

Client Menu can display any Drupal menu to selected user-roles of your choice. That allows you to build a user-friendly menu for your clients and managers. It has clean and minimalist design and it’s optimized for all devices and resolutions.

Categories: Drupal

Field collection Tokens

30 August 2014 - 2:04pm

This module allows administrators to define custom tokens for any field_collection fields on their nodes.

The 'token' display mode is used for rendering subsituted field_collection fields. Rendering falls back to 'default' display mode if 'token' mode is not used.

Best used together with token_filter so users can use tokens in textareas to target field_collection values.

NOTE: This module is fresh out of the sandbox and still under heavy development. Use with caution and please provide feedback if things don't seem to go as planned.

Categories: Drupal

ApacheSolr Infinite Scroll

30 August 2014 - 10:40am

Leverages the jQuery Autopager library (same library as views_infinite_scroll) to replace the pager on Apache Solr search results pages with an infinite scroll loader.

Categories: Drupal

Dynamic Internal Linking

29 August 2014 - 11:12pm

Internal Linking :

Meaning: Linking your valuable pages within your website.

Examples: Navigation (main & secondary menus) could serve as the best example of internal linking. Having a sitemap is another example.

Why Internal Linking? There are numerous articles on the internet that explain the need of internal linking from SEO perspective. But since you have reached here only after identifying the importance, we are not sharing the links :-)

Dynamic Internal Linking :

Categories: Drupal

IP 2 Locale GeoIP

29 August 2014 - 2:50am

This is a data provider for IP to Locale which uses geolite database.
Install the module as usual and add GeoIP.dat file to sites/all/libraries/geoip directory.

You can get this file from

Categories: Drupal

Video Embed Youku

29 August 2014 - 12:23am

Video Embed Youku is a submodule of Video Embed Field for Youku videos support.

Categories: Drupal

RESTful web services Views

28 August 2014 - 10:02pm

This module defines Views as resource for RESTful Web Services module.

With this integration, rest client can access Views outputs (with the specific permission enabled) in the patterns below:


Categories: Drupal

Required Field Display

28 August 2014 - 1:13pm

Simple Drupal module to display required fields on the manage fields screen.

Categories: Drupal


28 August 2014 - 12:12pm

This project merges work from JS Injector and CSS Injector into a single module that can handle both CSS and JS with CTool framework.

Categories: Drupal

Simple Word Link

28 August 2014 - 5:30am

The module provides a filter for text. The filter compares the words from populated table and makes them as link. Link words is stored in the database.

Note: Do not forget to include a filter in text format!

For more functionality, use the module Word Link.

Categories: Drupal

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