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New Drupal Modules

Search API Title #2

16 July 2014 - 3:17am

Provide a duplicate field for title to allow Search API Sorts to use it.

Usually, title field is indexed with the "Full text" type. Which disable "Search API Sorts" to use it.
This module will duplicate content of title under a new field. So you'll be able to index this new one with "String" type which is supported by "Search API Sorts".

Once enable and correctly setup, you'll need to reindex all documents.

Categories: Drupal


15 July 2014 - 6:18am

This module provides integration of Drupal and Lotame.

Lotame helps publishers, marketers and agencies drive Maximum Audience Impact — maximizing the way they collect, unify, protect and activate audience data. Leveraging the industry’s most robust DMP as a central audience management engine.

This module has been sponsored by Dennis Publishing.

Categories: Drupal

Facet API Taxonomy Folding

15 July 2014 - 4:56am

Add the ability to filter taxonomy terms to only active ones or direct children.
This will generate a folder navigation effect and avoid to display a very long list of terms.

The rendering is the same as for a "Date" facet which allows to progressively fine-tune value.


This module is based on Search API and requires Facet API.
It has been design to work on taxonomy field.

Categories: Drupal

OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)

15 July 2014 - 12:02am

OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) is ideal for cost effective, scale-out storage. It provides a fully distributed, API-accessible storage platform that can be integrated directly into applications or used for backup, archiving and data retention. It's a part of OpenStack, a free and open-source software cloud computing platform. Which is primarily deployed as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution.

Categories: Drupal


14 July 2014 - 6:36am

Entityform's for Drupal 8(to avoid name confusion)

Categories: Drupal

Rules Tamper

13 July 2014 - 7:54pm

Tamper integration for Rules.

Categories: Drupal

Auto Login URL

13 July 2014 - 12:58pm

Creates auto login URLs on demand and through tokens.

This is mostly a developer's module. The better use for me is to convert all links of a specific text to auto login links.

It also provides two tokens that you may use on mass emailing like simplenews.

Use case

You may use

Categories: Drupal

Slick Tweets

13 July 2014 - 4:41am

Slick and Twitter Pull integration to have tweet slider/ticker blocks.

Categories: Drupal

Navbar Awesome

12 July 2014 - 5:33pm

Makes NavBar awesome by implementing Font Awesome + Google's Material Design concepts.

Making Navbar Awesome

This module helps take Navbar to a different experience. It allows site builders to provide site users and clients with a cleaner implementation of Navbar.

Categories: Drupal

SecKit Override

12 July 2014 - 6:58am
Categories: Drupal


12 July 2014 - 3:04am

I know what you're thinking, "oh another JS library module, a glorified library hook. Whoopty doo.". Before you close the browser tab, give me a chance.

Handlebars.js is a great library that has made writing JS+HTML a breeze. That in and of itself, has nothing to do with Drupal really. What does? Well the one thing I wish was easier about Handlebars.js is adding includes to your JS files - that's where Drupal comes in.

Categories: Drupal

Merge Synonyms

11 July 2014 - 5:45am

- This is a module in development -


This is basically an extension module for feeds and feeds tamper. To my understanding, it works in the exact opposite way of Synonyms. Instead of accepting and incorporating synonyms, it tries to exterminate them.

The main reason I created this module and probably its better use case is importing data through feeds and feeds_tamper.

Categories: Drupal

Like & Dislike

10 July 2014 - 2:28pm

This module provides "like" and "dislike" widgets for contents inside Drupal, making it easiers to promote features as the one seem on many social network websites.

Technically speaking, the module provides 2 tags for Voting API, "like" and "dislike", working in a different way from Vote Up/Down, that is like a "plus or minus" approach. Likes are separate from Dislikes here.

Categories: Drupal

Drush Recipes UI

10 July 2014 - 1:04pm

This provides front facing module based support for the drush recipe format.

Right now there are two modules in development here:


The Drush recipes UI will provide a form widget type to allow for rendering the drush recipes specification in a drupal form. It will also provide helper functions to take the selected actions and pass them as an array for processing by automated provisioning specifications like Jenkins or custom bash scripting.

Categories: Drupal


10 July 2014 - 11:49am

This module makes use of an existing php resque implementation:

This module extends DrupalQueue to be able to use DrupalResque instead, also being able to use DrupalResqueUnique so that jobs with the same payload key are not queued at any point in time.

Categories: Drupal

Content Menu Special Item

10 July 2014 - 10:19am

Integrates the excellent Content Menu and Menu Special Items modules to allow the creation of nolink and separator menu items from the Content Menu dropdowns on the Menu link administration page.

Categories: Drupal

Better field descriptions

10 July 2014 - 3:34am

Better field descriptions makes it possible to add themeable descriptions to fields in forms.

  • Would your customers like to write their own descriptions, but can't or won't, since they then need permission to manage the fields in the content type?
  • Would you like to show the description above the field or even between the title and the field?

This module allows you to select the fields you want across all content types and give those field a themeable description on a separate admin page.

Categories: Drupal

Commerce SwipeHQ

10 July 2014 - 2:45am

SwipeHQ integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Sponsor by GO1.

Categories: Drupal

Phone User

9 July 2014 - 12:24pm

Phone User allows people to register at a Drupal site with only a phone number, for example to register for an event using Registration module.

Built to work with VoIP Drupal for Power To Connect.

Categories: Drupal

osCaddie - Drupal Alfresco Integration

9 July 2014 - 12:05pm
What is osCaddie?

osCaddie is a service offering from Appnovation technologies under their initiative to enable “Open Source for the Enterprise”. It includes a toolkit of modules to integrate between open source technologies in a scalable fashion. Two key components of such a system are Drupal, which is used for front end interactions, and Alfresco, which is used for back end storage of digital assets.

Categories: Drupal

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