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New Drupal Modules

Support for the QAS EmailValidate service

6 July 2014 - 5:00pm

Validates email addresses whereever they occur:

* Drupal registration
* Email field.
* Webform.
* Ubercart

Categories: Drupal


6 July 2014 - 7:24am
Categories: Drupal

Entity Cache Loader

5 July 2014 - 2:05pm

First, we had drush_ecl (which is exclusively a drush plugin). Now, we'll have ECL. This is for those that want an actual module to integrate into their drupal project for loading entities into caches.

Categories: Drupal

Scald Slick

5 July 2014 - 8:07am

Scald Slick integration

Categories: Drupal

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