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7 hours 34 min ago
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Strings i18n JSON export

7 hours 46 min ago

This project allows you to export your Drupal strings to a JSON i18n that can be read by another front-end framework. Like Vue.js for example.


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String Translation UI

15 hours 37 min ago

This simple project enables an admin area for you to add strings to be translated.

In other words, you can add strings translatable using CMS only.

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Simple JWT Authentication

15 hours 40 min ago

This module allows you to authorize external requests using a JWT token predefined in the module form settings.

You should add _simple_jwt_access_check: 'TRUE' for each route (in requirements section) which you want to check with Simple JWT.

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Bibcite Import Orcid

17 hours 32 min ago
Bibcite Import Orcid

The purpose of this Contrib module is to be able to import publications from ORCID public API into 'Bibliography & Citation' module.


Install with composer

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Web Push API

17 hours 40 min ago

This project provides an API for sending notifications to Push API subscriptions. That's it. It only gives an endpoint for creating/updating/deleting Push API subscriptions and the tools for sending notifications to them. Nothing else.

Do not expect this project to have something from this list:

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IE Polyfills

19 hours 1 min ago
Adding multiple polyfills for IE. Supported polyfills IE lt 10 // Map require('es6-map/implement');

Size: 28KB

Providing Map Object.

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SCSS Compiler Plugin for Theme Compiler

16 January 2020 - 11:53am
Categories: Drupal

Theme Compiler

16 January 2020 - 11:51am
Categories: Drupal

Force Users Logout

16 January 2020 - 9:59am

Force Users Logout module allows administrator to quickly force logout or delete session of any user(s).

This module gives three options

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String Translation Manager

16 January 2020 - 6:24am
Categories: Drupal

System Account

16 January 2020 - 4:33am

This is a utility module though to be used from other modules. Don't install it if none of the modules you are using require it.

It creates an account other modules can use when they need a dummy account, for example to set as author of automatically created comments, similarly to the System Message account used on

Categories: Drupal

Commerce Import Products & Variations

16 January 2020 - 1:19am
Categories: Drupal

Decoupled Pages

15 January 2020 - 9:17am

The Decoupled Pages module provides a quick and simple way to define new Drupal routes which can be overtaken by a single page application, often written in Javascript using React, Vue.js, or Ember (to name a few common frameworks).

This module doesn't have a stable release yet. You can help change that by sharing your experience with the module in Slack or in the issue queue.

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Commerce BtoB Customer account

15 January 2020 - 8:49am

The Commerce BtoB customer account module provides functionalities to manage orders and other commerce functionnalities for companies, and not only for a user.

The module provides 2 new entity types :

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Environment token

15 January 2020 - 7:02am
Environment for tokens

Provides tokens for environment variables.

It allows to define environment variables that will be available as tokens, using the following syntax: env:[ENV_VAR_NAME]. Those tokens will then be replaced by the Token Service.

Drupal 8 & 9

This module is compatible with Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.

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Select Radio Checkbox Field HTML 5 Validation

15 January 2020 - 4:20am

Coming Soon!

Categories: Drupal

Cache Clear Of Sole

15 January 2020 - 4:11am

This 'Cache Clear Of Sole' module allows admin or permission granted roles user to clear cache of any entity type id (block, node, user, views etc.) at a time. This options is available under the operation drop-button (Clear cache) of any lists pages (like: content page, block list page etc.).

Categories: Drupal

Paragraphs Summary Token

15 January 2020 - 2:58am
Categories: Drupal

Permissions Matrix

15 January 2020 - 2:31am

Permission Matrix module provides a UI to add new permissions via User Interface from admin configuration dashboard, which can be used exported as config files and shared and can be used in modules via config parsing.

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