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Kliuless #65: The X - by Kenneth Liu Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 7:24am
Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.
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Legal challenges in the games industry in 2020 - by Brandon Huffman Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 7:24am
At the very beginning of 2019, we made predictions as to what we would see growing and changing in the video games industry from a legal perspective. Here’s our predictions for 2020 and looking back at where we were right (and wrong) last year.
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Watch Your Step: Fixing Random Encounters with Area Tracking - by Adam Cohen Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 7:24am
Taking a look at the classic RPG mechanic of Random Encounters and how we can turn the often scorned mechanic into a beloved part of any exploration game.
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How to Choose the Best Compression Mode for Your Addressable Groups - by Ruben Torres Bonet Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 7:21am
Here's how to choose the compression settings for your Addressable Groups and Asset Bundles to reduce wasted performance and storage cost
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PixelCast 21, Meetup, Andrew Scott Hollis, Jeweler's Dozen... - by Jeremy Alessi Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 7:15am
In episode 21, Jeremy comes to you from the January PixelFest Devs meetup at Circuit Social in downtown Norfolk and chats with Andrew Scott Hollis about his physical/board game Jeweler's Dozen, a killer LARP in Philadelphia...
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Blasphemous Trailer Analysis — Is it my Genre? - by M. Joshua Cauller Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 7:10am
Blasphemous Announcement trailer did a few things to showcase its trailer unlike anything else. This video analysis also includes a transcript.
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Gnomecast #84 – Without the Books

Gnome Stew - 23 January 2020 - 5:00am

Join Ang, Di, and Senda for a discussion about when and how to run a game without the rule books. Can these gnomes wing it well enough to keep out of the stew?

Download: Gnomecast #84 – Without the Books

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Kingdom Hearts III: A Conclusion without a Story - Part 6 - by Joshua Hallaran Blogs - 23 January 2020 - 1:11am
Part 6: Dreaming of the Future, Neglecting the Present - This six-part essay analyses Kingdom Hearts III's approach to storytelling, and the lessons that we as developers can learn from it. Written from a dev's perspective, with the insights of a fan.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Words on a Screen: Keeping the Spark Alive

RPGNet - 23 January 2020 - 12:00am
New game energy, the end of the honeymoon phase, and spicing thing up.
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Stillfront Group acquires Dragon Story dev Storm8 for as much as $400 million

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 22 January 2020 - 9:18am

Stillfront Group is looking to acquire Dragon Story developer Storm8 for $300 million, with an additional $100 million on the table if unmentioned targets are met in the 2020 and 2021 financial yeas as well. ...

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The 4X, Seen As An RPG - by Nikhil Murthy Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 8:12am
Analyzing the role-playing of 4X games.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Steam in China - by Sergio Garces Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 8:03am
The Chinese market is important for Indies targeting Steam. Is there trouble in the future?
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Criticism of Modern Star Wars Games - by Kyal Atkins Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:58am
The problem with almost all Star Wars games, and what needs to be changed. If you're a game designer, pay attention!
Categories: Game Theory & Design

How To Create An Action Game, As Taught By Action Game Developers #3 – The Team of Student Developers Behind Snow Fighters - by Kevin McVay Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:54am
As we’ve had a great number of readers proclaiming their wishes to create their own action games, I’ve been speaking with some true craftsmen of the action genre to find out how they make their own titles. Our third installment features TeamTMT.
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Hey GDC, (maybe) it’s time to move. - by Andre Faure Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:54am
It is time for GDC to move from SFO? I’ve been hearing some discussion pop here and there, and decided to join in for my first post. I’ll shoot my opinion bluntly: YES, GDC should move out of San Francisco. Find out why (or not) below!
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Kingdom Hearts III: A Conclusion without a Story - Part 3 - by Joshua Hallaran Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:53am
Part 3: Missing the Mid-Point - This six-part essay analyses Kingdom Hearts III's approach to storytelling, and the lessons that we as developers can learn from it. This critique is written from a developer's perspective, but with the insights of a fan.
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How to give a really great GDC talk - by Chris Zukowski Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:52am
Writing a great talk is really hard. You have to make it informative, and convincing, and yet still fun. Plus, you have to keep a lid on your anxiety. Here are some tips I used to give the highest-rated summit talk at GDC 2019.
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Red Shields and Blue Swords: How the Pokémon Series Has Evolved Over the Years - by Randen Banuelos Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:52am
Almost 24 years from its first entries, the Pokémon game series have undergone dozens of changes to appeal to a new player base. From graphics to the range of Pokémon available, this article investigates the differences between Red/Blue and Sword/Shield
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Run, Jump and Climb: Designing Fun Movement in Games (with video) - by Caleb Compton Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:51am
Movement systems in games are often taken for granted, but how your movement feels can make or break your game. What makes a movement system good, and how can you design great movement in your own games? Lets find out!
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Between Realms: what it was and what it had become - by Tony Vilgotsky Blogs - 22 January 2020 - 7:50am
The story of how Ovva Games came up with the game Between Realms.
Categories: Game Theory & Design


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